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A high performance self-levelling mortar, designed for new or existing interior floors, to high traffic locations such as hospitals, airports, factories and commercial buildings where there is heavy traffic use. Ready to mix it offers rapid coverage and is particularly suitable for renovation projects. It may be left uncovered in light traffic domestic locations and can also be used externally when coated with an external grade floor paint or covered with ceramic or sealed stone tiles.


  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use (exterior must be painted or tiled over).
  • Solid floors only.
  • New floors - bonded or floating cement screeds.
  • Liquid cement or anhydrite screeds.
  • Renovation - existing well bonded tiles, existing sanded paint or traces of adhesive.
  • Placement thickness: 3–20 mm.


  • High mechanical performance.
  • Exceptional self-levelling.
  • High resistance to marking and shearing.
  • Fluid, self-levelling and pumpable.
  • Rapid installation.
  • Rapid setting - walk on after just three hours (under suitable conditions).
  • Suitable for use with low temperature wet underfloor heating systems.

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Standard product features


  • Grey powder.
  • Maximum particle size: 1.5 mm.


  • Self-levelling time: Up to 20 minutes.
  • Working time of mixed product: 30 minutes ±5 minutes.
  • Light foot traffic: Three hours ± one hour.
  • Flexural strength: F5.
  • Compressive strength: One day C20, seven days C27, 28 days C33.
  • Adhesion at 28 days: >1.5 Mpa.

Water content:

6 L per 25 kg.


1.5 kg/m²/mm.

NBS Specification

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45-55-10/385 Self smoothing levelling screed mix

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