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A flexible self-levelling mortar for use on interior floors in domestic and commercial premises. Ready-to-use, with the addition of clean water, it is particularly suitable for wooden floors and renovation work.


  • Suitable for interior use only.
  • Solid floors - bonded or floating cement screeds.
  • Liquid cement or anhydrite screeds.
  • Concrete, concrete block, brick, lightweight concrete (d<0.65).
  • Flexible floors - timer board, chipboard, glued floors, wood strip flooring, wood laminate flooring, parquet.
  • Plasterboard, cellulose board, cement board.
  • Tiles.
  • Existing well bonded tiles, existing sanded paint or traces of adhesive.
  • Placement thickness: 3–20 mm.


  • Suitable for wooden floors or flexible substrates.
  • Fibre reinforced.
  • Quick hardening.
  • Fluid, self-levelling and pumpable.
  • Rapid installation.
  • Rapid setting - walk on after three hours (under suitable conditions).
  • Suitable for use with low temperature water and electric underfloor heating systems.

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Standard product features


  • Grey powder.
  • Maximum particle size: 1.5 mm.


Ensure the correct primer is used.

  • Wooden substrate - 163 OMNISOL only suitable primer.
  • Anhydrite screed - surface must be saturated with 165 PROLIPRIM UNIVERSAL.
  • Other substrates - either 163 OMNISOL or 165 PROLIPRIM UNIVERSAL.


  • Self-levelling time: up to 20 minutes.
  • Working time of mixed product: 25 minutes ± five minutes.
  • Light foot traffic: three hours ± one hour.
  • Flexural strength: F4.
  • Compressive strength: One day C14, 28 days C30.
  • Adhesion at 28 days: >1 Mpa.

Water content:

5.5-6.0 L per 25 kg.


1.6 kg/m²/mm.

NBS Specification

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45-55-10/355 Fibre reinforced levelling screed mix

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