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A horizontal fall arrest system which offers a safe solution when working at heights. Maintenance work and other activities can be easily carried out with the SKYRAIL system installed either on the floor, wall or ceiling. Users can simply hook up their Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at the SKYRAIL RUN and then move freely along the rail without interruption.

It has been tested according to BS EN 795/D and CEN/TS 16415 and approved for the protection of up to three persons. In case of a fall, it absorbs the energy through deformation. Additional components, such as curved elements can be implemented. One-year warranty.

The system is designed and tested to be operated using the SKYRAIL RUN runner. The runner, certified according to BS EN 795/D, runs on ball bearings, making it less affected by wear. It can be attached or removed at any point of the rail.


  • Rails.
  • T-shaped base brackets.
  • Rail connectors.
  • End stoppers.
  • Curves.
  • Adapter plates for Secupin Plus.
  • Adapter plate for concrete subsurfaces.
  • Runner.


For fixing on various structures such as steel, concrete, brickwork, wood and system supports etc. using suitable bolts or dowel technology.

Standard product features


Sea water-resistant aluminium alloy.

Rail lengths:

Available in 6 m lengths or individual lengths of up to 6 m.

Maximum number of users:

Three users within the complete system.

Maximum hanger spacing:

5 m.

NBS Specification

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80-50-25/155 Travelling ladder access system

NBS Specification

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Horizontall Fall Protection - SKYRAIL


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