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Heavy-duty screed heating cable for use in 40–100 mm screed layers.

Features and benefits:

  • Robust polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating protects the TwistedTwin™ heating cable during installation and prolongs product life span.
  • Perimeter insulation foam acts as a thermal break and expansion gap around the screed.
  • Storage heating effect: In-screed systems have a slower heat up and cool down time and are suited to rooms that are in constant use, so heating can take place during off-peak times when low cost energy tariffs are active.
  • Suitable for use as primary or secondary heating applications in insulated properties.
  • Flexible cable spacing allows for variable heating output per square metre.
  • Range of control options including wireless and remote (specified separately).
  • Ten-year warranty.


Suitable for use as underfloor heating with a concrete screed with most floor finishes in new builds and renovation projects, subject to manufacturers’ guidelines on maximum floor temperature.

Standard product features

Perimeter insulation foam:

Size (roll, l x w x t): 50 m x 80 x 5 mm.



- 8 mm staples:

  • For fixing to foil-faced insulation boards only.
  • Allow four staples per linear metre of cable.
  • Supplied in packs of 600; tacker gun required for installation.

- Galvanized steel fixing profile:

  • 25 m roll, can be mechanically fixed to timber or concrete substrates.
  • Cable spacing in mm: Divide total heated area (m²) by cable length (linear metres) then multiply by 1000.
  • Recommended spacing: maximum: 150 mm; minimum: 50 mm.

Heating cables:

Consult manufacturer's literature for further details (cable length, output and resistance data).


For installations with an Economy 7 energy tariff, manufacturer recommends a manual control to switch the heating on and off in conjunction with the floor temperature sensor.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
90-40-35/492 Flexible cable electric heating elements

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying





+44 (0) 800 019 5899

Product reference

ThermoSphere Membrane


[ ______ ]


Output: 200 W; length: 11 m.
Output: 300 W; length: 16.5 m.
Output: 400 W; length: 22 m.
Output: 500 W; length: 27.5 m.
Output: 600 W; length: 33 m.
Output: 700 W; length: 39 m.
Output: 850 W; length: 45 m.
Output: 1000 W; length: 55 m.
Output: 1250 W; length: 69 m.
Output: 1375W; length: 76 m.
Output: 1700 W; length: 94 m.
Output: 2100 W; length: 116 m.
Output: 2600 W; length: 144 m.
Output: 3300 W; length: 183 m.


[8 mm plastic staples]
[Galvanized steel fixing profile]


To be specified separately.
[Not required]

Manufacturer details

Bridge House,
Pattenden Lane,
Kent, TN12 9QJ
Tel +44 (0) 800 019 5899
Fax +44 (0) 870 041 2140
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