A non-oxidizing, chemically inert, metallic dry shake floor topping for monolithic floors. The product contains a blend of specially graded aggregates, additives and Ordinary Portland Cements. Tibmix can also be used to suppress steel fibres in concrete floors. Coloured versions are also available which contain a high quality, durable pigment.

When trowelled into freshly laid concrete, it produces a dense, tough, abrasion resistant surface. The product is designed for application either by hand or using automatic spreading equipment. Abrasion resistance conforms to BS EN 13892-4 AR0,5 (Special Class). Tibmix should be used in conjunction with Setseal 6 polymer curing membrane/ sealer/ hardener.


Industrial floors.

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Standard product features


Approximately 5.4 kg/m².

Compressive strength (BS EN 13892-2):

28 day: > 80 N/mm².

Flexural strength (BS EN 13892-2):

28 day: > 10.0 N/mm².

Slip resistance (BS EN 13036-4):

70 (dry); 37 (wet).

Abrasion resistance (BS EN 13892-4):

AR 0.5.

NBS Specification

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45-35-88/415 Surface hardeners

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