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Structurally insulated panel manufactured from two skins of OSB3 to BS EN 300, bonded with a two-part polyurethane adhesive to an insulated core of grey expanded polystyrene (EPS) 100E to BS EN 13163. Each panel incorporates a solid timber top and rebated bottom panel closer for fixing directly to the timber sole plate. Panels also incorporate vertical rebates and are joined together using timber studs and mechanical fixings.

Standard product features


206 mm.


  • 11 mm OSB3 facing.
  • 235 mm C24 CLS timber.
  • 235 mm EPS 100E low lambda.


Approximately 25 kg/m² (based on 5% timber content).



When finished with the requisite plasterboard lining system, the panel can achieve 30, 60 or 90 minutes fire resistance.


When finished with the requisite plasterboard lining system, the panel can achieve Rw+Ctr of at least 53 dB in a cavity party wall and 51 dB externally with brick cladding.


The panel system is suitable for all types of cladding systems and cavity constructions. Where the cladding system is mounted on the panel, loads should not exceed 20 kg/m² unless the fixing system is approved by Innovaré.


  • Low lambda core (0.031 W/mK).
  • Typical wall build up U-value: 0.13 W/m²K.


  • Permanent term axial strength: 68 kN/m.
  • Permanent term bending strength: 24.3 kN/m.
  • Racking resistance: 2.55 kN/m.
  • Additional C24 grade timber elements installed within the panel as required.


Butt-jointed at corners and fixed with 300 mm screw. In line joints connect with timber spline. i-SIPs are suitable for load bearing structures up to four storeys and infill or cladding structures up to 18 m. i-SIPs are suitable for roofs above 12.5° subject to loading and support conditions.

NBS Specification

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45-60-90/415 Structural insulated panels

Product specification

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i-SIP 257 mm


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