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Interspan All-Metal Series FS 146 is a cold drawn aluminium mechanical joint system with rubber cord seals, for movement joints in floors.


Pedestrian and private cars.


Bedding and levelling on 10 mm epoxy mortar is recommended, with mechanical fixings at 300 mm symmetrical centres using FX01 chemical anchors or M10 self tapping bolts.

Standard product features


  • Visible width: 146 mm.
  • Overall width: 266 mm (FS 146/2200 and 146/3000, 262 mm).
  • Profile length: 4 m.

Joint width:

Maximum 114 mm (construction joint/ gap).

Movement capacity:

±25 mm.


Additional pointing sealant:

A soft joint between the floor finish and the joint profile may be required to accommodate any local movement between the two. A suitable sealant for this would be Tremco Dymonic NT, applied in a 6 mm gap.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-75-50/310 Cast-in movement joints for screeds

Product specification

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+44 (0)191 419 0505

Product reference

Interspan All-Metal Series FS 146


[FS 146/2200; height 22 mm]
[FS 146/3000; height 30 mm]
[FS 146/4200; height 42 mm]
[FS 146/5200; height 52 mm]
[FS 146/6200; height 62 mm]
[FS 146/7700; height 77 mm]
[FS 146/8700; height 87 mm]
[FS 146/9700; height 97 mm]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]


[E3 side fix]
[E4 side fix]
[FSN top fix]
[Staggered leg]
[Standard leg]
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]

Additional pointing sealant

[Tremco Dymonic NT]
To 6 mm gaps between joint body and floor finish.
[As drawing ___]
[Contractor's choice]

Manufacturer details

3A Walton Road,
Pattinson North,
Tyne & Wear, NE38 8QA
Tel +44 (0)191 419 0505
Fax +44 (0)191 419 2200
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