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A traditional, reinforced kraft, bitumen bonded, building paper laminate. Manufactured with wet strength kraft paper and meeting the technical requirements of BS 1521 for waterproof building papers, the product utilizes polymer reinforcing scrim.

Example applications:

  • Vapour checks.
  • Underlays on uninsulated cladding.
  • Temporary protection.
  • Separation layers.
  • Bond breaks.
  • Draught and damp exclusion.
  • Air movement barriers.

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Standard product features


1000 mm.

Performance data:

  • Moisture vapour resistance: 53 MNs/g.
  • Tensile strength (to BS 4415, dry): 12.4 kN/m (M/D), 7.20 kN/m (C/D).
  • Bursting strength (to BS 3137, dry): 550 kN/m².
  • Minimum liquid water resistance: 24 hours.
  • Upper temperature stability: Over 70°C.
  • Chemical resistance: Resistant to chemicals found in plaster and cement.
  • Biological: Does not attract insects or vermin.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/322 Building paper

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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A1F Building Paper


[Novia Double Sided Butyl Tape]
[Novia Metallised BOPP tape]

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