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Heat Mat’s roof heating system mitigates dangerous icicles or snow build-up forming causing damage to the roof or people.

Roof heating systems are suitable for mitigating significant build-ups of snow on flat roofs, or preventing localised snowdrifts against adjacent buildings. A specialist thermostat monitors the air temperature and can control two separate zones independently. A moisture sensor can also be fitted to monitor when to activate the system and reduce energy costs.

Heat Mat is the leading supplier of roof heating systems in the UK and has experience with private and commercial systems, examples of large roof heating projects include a pharmaceutical factory and the LG Arena roof at the NEC.


  • Mitigates dangerous snow fall from roofs to the pavement or path below.
  • Protects period property and complements contemporary roof design.
  • Provides an alternative to reinforcing a roof.
  • Strengthens old roofs if new buildings are built abutting them by preventing the risk of snowdrifts against the new wall.

A wide variety of thermostat and control options are available suited to each systems individual requirement including:

  • FRO-10A-STAT a 2.3kW snow melting thermostat without moisture detection option.
  • FRO-16A-STAT a 3.6kW Snow melting thermostat with moisture detection option (single zone).
  • FRO-47A-STAT an 11kW snow melting thermostat with moisture detection option (dual zone).

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