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A flexible clamp baluster railing system with anthracite grey, powder-coated, lightweight aluminium balusters.

Features and benefits:

  • Twin post aluminium system, measuring 60 x 38 mm. Formed in 12 mm flat posts, powder-coated to RAL 7016.
  • Low maintenance; does not readily corrode, rust or stain.
  • Horizontal, uniformly distributed line load; uniformly distributed load applied to infill; and point load to infill testing are available.
  • Timesaving installation without the need for drilling or tapping.
  • Infill adapters are simply pushed into place and clamped.
  • Highly scratch-resistant and very easy to maintain.
  • Handrails available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.
  • Various base fitting options available.


Interchangeable stainless steel modular components for various infill options, including bar, web, glass clamps, glass holders, glass adapters or glass frame tube. Suitable for medium indoor and outdoor use for stairs and balustrades.

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Standard product features



Colour/ Finish:

Powder-coated anthracite grey – RAL 7016.

Railing profile:

60 x 12 mm flat twin posts forming overall post size of 60 x 38 mm.



- Fixing:

  • Handrail is connected to the top of the posts using MOD 9004 for top-mounting of handrail fixings. The fixing has an M10 thread.
  • Fixing plates also vary in angle for changes in direction from straight, 90 and 135 degree angles.


Various infills are available and are to be fixed to the posts using MOD 9002 fixing brackets; the fixings vary in accordance with the clamping system from M6 or M8.

  • MOD 0860 fixing brackets: Available in 304/316 grade to fix MOD 6920/6925 30 mm-diameter glass frame tube. Rubber gaskets MOD 50 are then to be inserted to accommodate glass infill varying in thickness from 8–10.76 mm. Also available are modular connections MOD 6790 for straight connections, MOD 6313 for 90 degrees corners, MOD 6302 for 22–55° downwards, MOD 6312 for 22-55° upwards connections. Glass tube end caps are MOD 6732.
  • MOD 322 glass adapters: Spider MOD 4752 when using glass adapters; MOD 4724 adapters for glass spiders must be used to create offset away from the post.
  • Picket rail/ vertical bar infill MOD 8926 base and head rail for fixing rod infill. Picket rail is 33.7 mm diameter with a 2 mm wall thickness, and is available 2500 mm long. Item can be connected using MOD 5792 easy-hit connector. 12 mm rod or tube infill available in either 2500 or 5000 mm lengths. All picket fence products are only available in 1.4301 (304) grade stainless steel.

NBS Specification

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25-25-10/110 Balustrade and guarding system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying





+44 (0)1782 711676

Product reference

Duo Line

Baluster post height

[16.9545.060.33 Height: 1000 mm]
For top-mount solutions.
[16.9546.060.33 Height: 1300 mm]
For fascia-mounted applications.

Floor flanges/ railing post mounts

Floor flanges for top-mounting application measuring 102 x 142 mm, with four 14 mm diameter holes for bolting down to the substrate.
Baluster bracket option for side-mounting of the posts, with two 14 mm diameter holes for fixing to the substrate.
Cover cap, 110 x 150 mm square.
Baluster cover cap for covering posts when the balusters are mounted in the floor structure.


 - Type:
[MOD 4900]
For 60 x 30 x 2.6 mm rectangular handrail.
[MOD 4925/ 4900]
For 40 x 40 x 2.0 mm square handrail.
[MOD 8925/ 0900]
For 33.7, 38, 42.4, 48.3 or 60.3 mm diameter.
 - Fixing:
[MOD 0811]
For mounting of horizontal cross rails.
[MOD 0812]
For mounting of raking cross rails.
[MOD 1800]
For mounting of variable handrails to accommodate flat rails, 33.7 mm diameter tubular handrail.
[MOD 1801]
For mounting of variable handrails to accommodate flat rails, 42.4 mm diameter tubular handrail.
[MOD 1802]
For mounting of variable handrails to accommodate flat rails, 48.3 mm diameter tubular handrail.


[MOD 0860 fixing brackets, 1.4301 (304) grade stainless steel]
[MOD 0860 fixing brackets, 1.4401 (316) grade stainless steel]
[MOD 322 glass adapters]
[MOD 52 glass clamps]
To accommodate glass varying in thickness from 8–12.76 mm glass.
[Picket rail/ vertical bar infill MOD 8926 base and head rail]
For fixing rod infill.


[Not required]
[MOD 0800 touch-up pencil for scratch repair 7016]
[MOD 4724 Glass adapters]
[MOD 50 Rubber gaskets]
[MOD 5792 Easy hit connector]
[MOD 6302 Modular connector]
For 22–55° downward connections.
[MOD 6312 Modular connector]
For 22–55° upward connections.
[MOD 6313 Modular connector]
For 90 degrees corners.
[MOD 6732 Glass tube end caps]
[MOD 6790 Modular connector]
For straight connections.

Manufacturer details

Unit 1, Tunstall Arrow,
James Brindley Way,
Staffordshire, ST6 5GF
Tel +44 (0)1782 711676
Fax +44 (0)800 7814246
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