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Fully glazed partitions are characterised by simplicity, ensuring maximum light and natural, open working environments.

Single glazed partition finished with slim aluminium profiles.


  • Individual modules.
  • Several module joint options.
  • Extensive range of doors in different heights.
  • Specially developed aluminium frame system for doors.
  • Various widths and types of glass available.
  • Film manifestations to any design available.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Demountable and reusable.

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Glazing manifestation:

Applied manifestations are possible; please consult with Deko for details.


- Door finish:

Three standard factory applied lacquers available along with optional special finishes.

NBS Specification

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45-35-80/420 Panel partitions

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Product specification

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+44 (0)1236 453000

Product reference

Deko FG


[Deko FG]
Partition thickness: 27–30 mm.
[FG Fire EW30]
Partition thickness: 35 mm, fire resistance: EW 30.
[FG Fire EI30]
Partition thickness: 39 mm, fire resistance: EI 30.
[FG Fire EW60]
Partition thickness: 39 mm, fire resistance: EW 60.
[FG Fire EI60]
Partition thickness: 44 mm, fire resistance: EI 60.


 - Base:
[AGGP aluminium base section]
[AFG base detail]
For FR systems.
 - Joint:
[Clear silicone strip]
[ACLA and AGLT (two-part aluminium joint trim)]
[3 mm open joint]
 - Head:
[AGGP aluminium section]
[AGGPT deep aluminium section]
 - Wall start:
[AGVP aluminium profile]
[AGVPA and AGVPT two-part profiles]
 - Corner:
[Clear silicone strip]
[AGHLA-90 and AGHLT-90 two-part aluminium corner trims]


[Satin anodized]
[White powder coated]
Insert colour


[ ______ ]


 - Door frame:
[Deko FG 26 Aluminium profile]
For 10 or 12 mm glass door.
[Deko FG 40 Aluminium profile]
For 40 mm solid door.
 - Door width:
[686 mm]
Single leaf.
[786 mm]
Single leaf.
[826 mm]
Single leaf, E30 fire rating.
[926 mm]
Single leaf, EI 30 fire rating.
[1026 mm]
Single leaf, EI 60 fire rating.
[1126 mm]
Single leaf.
[861 mm]
Double leaf.
[As schedule ___]
 - Door finish:
[NCS S 0502-Y White]
Factory applied lacquer.
[NCS S 1502-G50 Y Grey]
Factory applied lacquer.
[NCS S 3560-R80B Blue]
Factory applied lacquer.

Manufacturer details

7 Duncan McIntosh Road,
Wardpark North,
Scotland, G68 0HH
Tel +44 (0)1236 453000
Fax +44 (0)1236 453111
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