High stiffness, resilient asphalt for base and binder course layers. The product takes advantage of advanced binder and mixture technology to provide a superior loadbearing, impermeable structural layer. Superstrong is effectively an EME2 utilizing a polymer modified hard grade binder to give all the mechanical properties of EME2 but with the enhancement of increased fatigue resistance.


  • Polymer modified binder for enhanced fatigue resistance.
  • Very high rut resistance.
  • Dense impermeable asphalt for greater resistance to water penetration.
  • Adds strength to pavements.
  • Unlike EME2 it can be laid on top of a conventional Type One sub base.
  • Durability through ease of laying, mat uniformity and low voids.


  • Motorways.
  • Trunk roads.
  • Local authority roads for pavement strengthening.
  • Hi load commercial/ industrial areas.


Performance properties:

  • Binder richness modulus (K) - Binder content: >3.4.
  • Air voids content: >6.0%.
  • Duriez test (water sensitivity - after and before immersion ratio): >0.75.
  • Rutting test (60°C, 30 000 cycles on a 100 mm slab): <7.5%.
  • UK wheel tracking at 60°C rut depth/ rut rate: 1.3 mm/ 0.5 mm/ h.
  • Indirect tensile stiffness modulus (20°C, 125 ms loading time): >5.5 GPa.

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45-20-00/360 Hot rolled asphalt (HRA) surface course

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