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A white, pumpable, flow-applied, self-levelling, rapid-set, alpha-hemihydrate-based filler used to level out gypsum-based/ calcium sulfate-based (anhydrite and self-levelling anhydrite) screeds and board subfloors and to produce smooth, level, unbroken surfaces for subsequent laying of all kinds of flooring.


  • For 1–30 mm coat thicknesses.
  • Self-levelling.
  • Particularly suitable for mastic asphalt screeds.
  • Ideal for calcium sulfate and gypsum-bound substrates.
  • Rapid setting.
  • Shrinkage-free.
  • For indoor use and in conjunction with floor heating.
  • EC1PLUS (extra-low-emission-plus) rating under German EMICODE system.


Sopro AFS 561 CA Levelling Compound is a low-stress, flow-applied, alpha-hemihydrate-based filler used to produce smooth, unbroken surfaces for subsequent laying of floor coverings, for example; ceramic, natural stone, textile and elastic coverings. Suitable for use with floor heating.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Reaction to fire: A2, s1.
  • Coverage: Approximately 1.5 kg/m² per mm coat thickness.
  • Castor chair resistance (for castors to BS EN 12 529): Suitable upwards of 2 mm coat thickness minimum.
  • Compressive strength (28 days): Approximately 25 N/mm².
  • Flexural strength (28 days): Approximately 7.5 N/mm².

NBS Specification

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45-55-10/320 Smoothing or levelling underlayment compound

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Sopro AFS 561 CA Levelling Compound

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