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GenieMat RST is a flat, resilient, reduced sound transmission mat made from 94% recycled rubber content, used directly under hard surface floor finishes and over concrete and wood construction. It is used when superior sound control is required in multi-family housing, high-rises or commercial buildings, and protects direct-adhered ceramic tile, vinyl sheets, vinyl composite tiles, wood and stone flooring products from substrate cracks.­­­­


  • Mould-, bacteria-, fungi- and water-resistant.
  • Exceeds pass criteria for point load test for crack isolation membrane (ANSI 118.12).
  • Complete floor covering system warranty available.

Standard product features

Tile ΔIIC (ASTM E2179):

  • GenieMat-RST02: 18.
  • GenieMat-RST05: 19.
  • GenieMat-RST10: 21.
  • GenieMat-RST12: 23.
  • GenieMat-RST15: 23.

Average dynamic stiffness (BS EN 29052):

  • GenieMat-RST02: 157 MN/m³.
  • GenieMat-RST05: 105 MN/m³.
  • GenieMat-RST10: 64 MN/m³.
  • GenieMat-RST12: 60 MN/m³.
  • GenieMat-RST15: 54 MN/m³.

Type A hardness (ASTM D2240):

40 durometer.

TCNA Robinson test with tile (ASTM C627):

  • GenieMat-RST02: Extra heavy commercial.
  • GenieMat-RST05: Moderate commercial.
  • GenieMat-RST10: Light commercial.
  • GenieMat-RST12: Light commercial.
  • GenieMat-RST15: Light commercial.


Acoustic performance:

Consult manufacturer's literature for details.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-45-70/437 Resilient layer insulation

Product specification

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Manufacturer details

Office 1059,
WeWork Moorgate,
1 Fore Street Avenue,
London, EC2Y 9DT
Tel +44 (0)203 9446444
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