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Water-based, water-repellent protector for use against the soiling that occurs when fixing. Makes grouting and cleaning easier without altering the material’s appearance.

Features and benefits:

  • Ready to use - no dilution required.
  • Protects against grouting.
  • Does not affect adhesion between grout and material.
  • The product makes cleaning after laying simple.
  • Reduces drying times, making subsequent treatment faster.
  • Does not affect the material’s appearance.
  • Non-sacrificial.
  • Easy application.
  • After the application, it is possible to apply any kind of protection treatment.
  • Low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Certified by GEV and marked by EC1 Plus, and helps towards gaining credits for the LEED.


For professional use only. Suitable for absorbent materials such as:

  • Terracotta.
  • Quarry tiles.
  • Unpolished natural and reconstructed stone.
  • Agglomerates.

Available in 1 and 5 L cans. Do not apply externally if rain is forecast.

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Standard product features


Milky white.

Technical characteristics:

  • Application temperature: 5–30°C.
  • Form: Liquid.
  • Composition: A blend of resins in emulsion dispersed in water.
  • Odour: Typical of resin.
  • Density: 0.999 kg/L.
  • pH level: 4.7.

Coverage (with 1 L of protective wax):

  • Terracotta (rustic Tuscan, polished): 15/ 20 m².
  • Terracotta (handmade, Spanish, hollow tile, brick): 7/ 10 m².
  • Pietra: 10/ 20 m².

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Fila PRW200 – Water-based Pre-grouting Protector

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