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Undertile lining featuring a synthetic material with a composite construction. The membrane is designed for use in ventilated warm and cold pitched roof situations and is used to reduce wind loads on slates and tiles to provide a secondary water‐shedding layer against wind driven rain or snow.

It has a twinply composition and is manufactured from a polyethylene upper layer with a polypropylene non‐woven spun bond under layer. Combines excellent tensile strength characteristics with high puncture and nail tear resistance. It is also are resistant to UV light degradation, but is not designed to be left exposed for long periods and must be covered as soon as possible.

Tested to BS EN 13859‐1.

Standard product features


1 x 15 m or 1 x 45 m rolls.


0.45 mm.


Matt black upper surface with black underside.

Technical properties:

  • Nail tear strength: 140 N (machine direction), 150 N (transverse direction).
  • Tensile strength: 150 N/ 50 mm (machine direction), 135 N/ 50 mm (transverse direction).
  • Water tightness: Class W1.
  • Water vapour resistance: 190 MNsg.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/325 Plastics sheets

Product specification

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+353 18 023333

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MonarTile Protect


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[Monarperm Monotape]

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