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For use on properly prepared surfaces in both new construction situations and as an industrial maintenance primer for a wide range of anticorrosive coatings systems for use in the offshore, petrochemical, chemical, pulp, paper and bridge industries.

The fast drying and handling properties, together with extended overcoatability, make this an excellent primer for factory application prior to full system application on site. Intergard 251 provides good abrasion resistance which minimizes mechanical damage in transit between the factory and site. Not designed for continuous water immersion.


Technical data:

  • Gloss level: Matt.
  • Typical thickness: 50–75 microns dry; 79–119 microns wet.


Intergard 251 is designed for application to correctly prepared steel. However, it is also possible to apply over approved prefabrication primers, Further details of these can be obtained from International Protective Coatings. The following primers are recommended for Intergard 251:

  • Interzinc 22 (mist coat or tie coat may be required).
  • Interzinc 52.
  • InterH2O 280.

The following topcoats are recommended for Intergard 251:

  • Intercure 200HS.
  • Intercure 420.
  • Interfine 629HS.
  • Interfine 878.
  • Interfine 979.
  • Intergard 251.
  • Intergard 345.
  • Intergard 475HS.
  • Intergard 740.
  • Interseal 670HS.
  • Interthane 870.
  • Interthane 990.

Alternative topcoats are also available, consult International Protective Coatings.

NBS Specification

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45-35-64/365 Solvent-borne primers for metal

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Intergard® 251


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