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The DYNAMIK Flexi-Beam Elite system is a sprung area elastic sports floor. It incorporates elastic beams which support a 22 mm hardwood engineered board. The system can be packed and levelled to take out variations in the sub floor.

The structure of the Flexi-Beam Elite system incorporating elastic beams provides a stable base for the 22 mm board and allows for underfloor heating and insulation to be incorporated between the beams.

Given it can be packed and levelled off a structural slab the requirement for a levelling screed is avoided.


  • Meets the requirements of EN 14904.
  • Sport England compliant.
  • Packed and levelled construction.
  • Underfloor heating compatible.
  • Factory finished sports lacquer.
  • Complies with ESFA specification.
  • 25-year warranty.

System includes:

  • 22 mm hardwood engineered board.
  • 2.44 x 43 x 27 mm (d x w x h) Flexi-Beam.
  • 10 mm sports cradle. Thickness of cradles/ beams can vary dependent on void depth up to 120 mm. For a greater void than 120 mm, cradle-base packers can be used.
  • Levelling shims (To suit void).
  • 59 mm minimum construction height (excluding levelling shims).

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Can be used in conjunction with DYNAMIK's Acoustic Sports Wall Panel and Solid Sports Wall Panel products (each specified separately).

Standard product features

Technical properties (to BS EN 14904):

  • Shock absorption: 40–75%.
  • Vertical deformation: 1.8–5.0 mm.
  • Ball rebound: >90%.
  • Slip resistance: 80–110.
  • Rolling Load: 1500 N.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
20-55-95/195 Wood floating floor system

Product specification

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Product reference

Flexi-Beam Elite Engineered Sprung Sports Floor

Top layer (playing surface)

[Canadian Maple]
[European Oak]


[Apparatus covers/ frames]
[Damp proof membrane]
[Giant Carpet Tile Floor Protection]
[Hockey skirting]
[Movement/ expansion joints]
[Solid skirting]
[Sports line marking]
[Ventilated skirting]

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