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Timber cladding species ideal for many internal and external joinery applications. The species is also known as Scots Pine and machines well, however ease of working and quality of finish is dependent upon the size, number of knots, and degree of resin present.

It has excellent machining properties and can be planed to a smooth, clean finish. It can be glued, stained, varnished and painted satisfactorily, and takes nails and screws well. The sapwood tends to be a creamy-white to yellow colour and the heartwood is a reddish-Brown colour, both of which are moderately durable.

30 year warranty against rot and fungal decay out of ground contact (UC 3) if high pressure treated with NORclad Brunnea™ or NORclad Lite™


All grades are:

  • PEFC/ FSC Certified, sustainably sourced timber.
  • Imported from Scandinavia.
  • All timber is sourced and machined to CE Quality Grading Requirements.
  • Available lengths from 2.1–4.8m+ (common lengths: 3.9, 4.2, 4.8 m).

- Redwood A+:

  • Selected boards for a very low number of knots
  • Maximum live knot diameter on face: 18 mm. One knot per metre on average over a 4.5 m length.

- Redwood A:

Maximum live knot diameter: 40 mm along the length of timber.

- Redwood B:

Maximum live knot diameter: 60 mm along the length of timber.

Typical end uses:

Timber cladding, brise soleil, solar shading.


Quality of timber (Exposed Surfaces): To EN 14915 – NORclad Timber Cladding is produced in accordance with factory production control for selection, grading, machining and preservative treatment of solid wood cladding.

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Standard product features

Wood type:



20 mm.


The sapwood is creamy-white to yellow in colour, narrow, especially in northern environments, becoming wider in the southern areas, and the heartwood is pale yellowish-brown to reddish-brown, resinous, and usually distinct from the sapwood.


Square or as profile.




All from well managed forests - PEFC, FSC certified.

Density (16–18% moisture content):

510 kg/m³.

Dimensional stability:


Recommend fixings:

Only top quality stainless steel fixings should be used to avoid corrosion of fixings and blue staining of the profile.



1.8–4.8 m and longer.


Bespoke profiles, PSE boards etc. can all be machined on request.

NBS Specification

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45-45-95/350 Softwood weatherboards

Product specification

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NORclad Limited


+44 (0)1275 794735

Product reference

European Redwood Timber Cladding


[Redwood A+]
[Redwood A]
[Redwood B]


Board and batten, 25 x 75/150 mm, 165 mm cover width.
PTG open V, 25 x 150 mm, 125 mm cover width.
PTG open square, 25 x 150 mm, 125 mm cover width.
PTG open round, 25 x 150 mm, 125 mm cover width.
Chamfered cladding, 25 x 150 mm, 132 mm cover width.
Feather edge, 32 x 150 mm, 125 mm cover width.
Shiplap, 25 x 150 mm, 130 mm cover width.
PTG open V, 25 x 100 mm, 72 mm cover width.
PTG open square, 25 x 100 mm, 72 mm cover width.
PTG open round, 25 x 100 mm, 72 mm cover width.

Corner trims

[Not required]
75 x 75 mm.
50 x 50 mm.
63 x 63 mm.
50 x 50 mm.

High pressure treatment

[NORclad Brunnea™]
if sapwood present in the species
[NORclad Lite™]
if sapwood present in the species

Manufacturer details

21 C & D Somerset Square,
County of Bristol, BS48 1RQ
Tel +44 (0)1275 794735
Fax +44 (0)1275 794441
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