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Environmentally innovative composite decking with a stone-like appearance, available in eight colours inspired by the Finnish nature, allowing deck designs that are fresh and clean. Distinctive patterns can be achieved by alternating the direction of the boards or utilizing both the fine and the wide groove surfaces of the reversible profile. The material is virtually lignin free giving, long lasting colours with no greying and contains no harmful chemicals.

Features and benefits:

  • Fresh and modern look.
  • Superior stain resistance.
  • Excellent colour durability.
  • Excellent scratch resistance.
  • Zero degree incline possible.
  • High impact strength.
  • Good friction, wet or dry.
  • Recycled and recyclable.
  • PVC free and non-toxic.


  • Decking boards.
  • Rail step.
  • T-clips.
  • Support rail.
  • Alu-Rail.
  • Cover strip.

Standard product features

Size (l x w x h):

  • Board: 4000 x 150 x 28 mm.
  • Rail step: 4000 x 110 x 28–68 mm.
  • Cover strip: 4000 x 66 x 12 mm.
  • Support rail: 4000 x 60 x 40 mm.


Environmentally innovative composite material that combines the best qualities of plastic and engineered fibres which fall as surplus by-products in self-adhesive label manufacture and processing. The material is virtually lignin free and contains no harmful chemicals.


Hollow composite profile made by extrusion technology.

Technical properties (UPM ProFi Deck):

  • Density (to BS EN ISO 1183): 1.2 g/cm³.
  • Bending strength (to BS EN 310): 13 N/mm².
  • Falling mass impact (to BS EN 477): +23˚C: No break (>30 J); -20˚C: No break (>15 J).
  • Surface hardness (Brinell, to BS EN 1534): 28 N/mm².
  • Wear resistance (Taber 1000 r, to BS EN 438-2 0): 16 mm.
  • Friction (wet/ dry, to FSC 2000): 0.54/ 0.83.
  • Point load capacity (to BS EN 1533): 2600 N.
  • Fire class (to BS EN 13501-1): E.
  • Termite resistance (European termites, to BS EN 117): Resistant.
  • Thermal expansion coefficient (1°C, to ISO 11359-2): 4.0 x 10^-5.
  • Heat transfer coefficient (to ISO 8301): 0.24 W/mK.
  • Water absorption (24 hours, to BS EN 317): <2.5%.
  • Swelling, thickness (24 hours, to BS EN 317): <1%.



UPM ProFi® Deck Plus and UPM ProFi® Deck Strong are available in a limited range of colours, contact manufacturer for more information.

NBS Specification

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20-15-25/125 Deck system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Product reference

[UPM ProFi® Deck]
[UPM ProFi® Deck Plus]
For hotter climates and areas with higher UV levels.
[UPM ProFi® Deck Strong]
For abnormal loading or span requirements.


[Autumn Brown]
[Chestnut Brown]
[Marble White]
Special order.
[Night Sky Black]
[Silver Green]
[Snow Blue]
[Stone Grey]
[Sunny Beige]


[Alu support rails]
[Rubber pads]

Manufacturer details

Station House,
Stamford New Road,
Cheshire, WA14 1EP
Tel +44 (0)7860 108027
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