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Zinc-galvanized metal heating and cooling ceiling panels with powder coated surfaces on visible side, hung in a concealed substructure. Manufactured in accordance with European standards and the technical regulation of TAIM e.V.

System comprises:

  • Metal ceiling panel.
  • Heating and cooling technology: Consisting of heat conducting element and Cu-pipe or V2A-pipe frets thermally conductive integrated into ceiling panel.
  • Vernier suspension: Manufactured from zinc-galvanized steel, consisting of hanger upper section, hanger lower section, and safety split pins which are variably adjustable for suspension of suspension channel grid.
  • Hook-on profile: Manufactured from zinc-galvanized steel to support metal ceiling top layer.
  • Suspension channel: Manufactured from zinc-galvanized steel, as substructure for supporting profiles.

Standard product features

Fire performance (BS EN 13501):

  • Panels: A2-s2, d0 (non-combustible).
  • Substructure: A1.




Electrostatically applied powder coating.

Sound absorption:

Dependent on level of perforation and acoustic inlay. Consult manufacturer.

Connecting/ connection hose:

Made of pressure stable, flexible hose which is steel covered and oxygen diffusion-proofed according to DIN 4726 with removable plug system for the connection of the individual heated and chilled ceiling panels.

Hydraulic connection:

The individual heated and chilled ceilings are connected in series (heating and cooling zones) until a pressure loss of approximately 25–30 kPa is achieved. The individual heating and cooling zones are connected parallel to the distribution pipe (regulation zone).


Product reference:

- Activation board with Cu-pipe:

15 mm graphite panel, size depending on ceiling panel. Cu-pipe calibrated and shaped as a fret. Various axial distances possible.

- Heat conducting profile with Cu-pipe:

Aluminium extruded section in standard widths of 80 or 120 mm. V2A-pipe calibrated and shaped as a fret with pressed in hollow shafts by machine. Various axial distances from 45 mm are possible.

- Heat conducting profile with V2A-pipe:

Aluminium extruded section in standard widths of 80 or 120 mm. V2A-pipe calibrated and shaped as a fret. Various axial distances from 45 mm are possible.


Three standard perforations available. Other perforations available on request. Consult manufacturer for perforation patterns.

C-post cap:

Other sizes are available, consult manufacturer.

Heating and cooling capacities:

Consult manufacturer for details.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
20-10-20/190 Unit (modular) suspended ceiling system
60-45-15/120 Climatic ceiling system

Product specification

An important note about specifying



Lindner AG


+49 8723 200

Product reference

[E 200 Heat conducting profile with Cu-pipe]
[E 200 Heat conducting profile with V2A-pipe]
[E 200 Activation board with Cu-pipe]

Ceiling type

[Hook-on/ Lay-on]
[Hook-on both sides]


 - Size:
[ ______ ]
 - Perforation:
[Rv 1,8–20]
[Rg 2,5–16]
[Rv 3,0–20]
 - Colour:
[RAL 9010]
Manufacturer's standard.
Insert requirements.
Insert requirements.

Wall connection

[30 x 30 mm, L-angle aluminium]
[25 x 20 x 20 x 35 mm, corresponding angle, aluminium]

Manufacturer details

Bahnhofstraße 29,
94424 Arnstorf,
Tel +49 8723 200
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