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  • Computer rooms and control rooms.
  • Office and construction areas.
  • Industry and working rooms.
  • Training and research rooms.

System comprises:

  • Panel: Fibre-reinforced calcium sulfate panel, steel sheet at bottom, surrounding edge trim protection against damage and humidity, edges inclined.
  • Pedestal: Precisely height adjustable, manufactured from galvanized and yellow achromatized steel, precision threaded bolt.
  • Gasket: Manufactured from plastic material, vaulted surface for perfect panel fixing.
  • Wall connection: Pre-stressed foam rubber, for acoustic insulation and absorption of horizontal movements.

Suitable floor coverings:

  • Elastic coverings.
  • Textile coverings.
  • Wood coverings.
  • Stone coverings.
  • Loose-laid coverings.

Standard product features

Pedestal grid:

600 x 600 mm.

Panel thickness:

38.5 mm.

Pedestal heights:

NORTEC L 38 ST x H: 28–1450 mm.

Load and deflection class:

  • NORTEC L 38 ST x H: 5A (5 kN).
  • NORTEC L 38 ST x SW120 + CS: 6A (9 kN).

Weight of system with a floor height of 150 mm:

  • NORTEC L 38 ST x H: 65 kg/m².
  • NORTEC L 38 ST x SW120 + CS: 68 kg/m².

Reaction to fire performance (BS EN 13501-1):

A1 (fully non-combustible).

Fire resistance performance (BS EN 13501-2):

REI 30 up to 1,300 mm pedestal heights.

Weighted sound reduction index Rw:

62 dB.

NBS Specification

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20-55-70/170 Raised access floor system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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[NORTEC L 38 ST x H]
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