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General purpose H birch plywood, suitable for use in both interior and exterior applications.

A multi-ply, cross banded plywood constructed entirely from birch veneers. Available in a varied range of face qualities, thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Birch veneers are bonded with an exterior, phenol-formaldehyde glue, allowing panels to be used in dry and humid environments and, if fully sealed, in many exterior uses - consult manufacturer for further details.


  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 636-2.
  • CE marked to BS EN 13986.
  • FSC and PEFC subject to availability.


Wall linings, flooring, general joinery, shop fitting, construction and furniture.

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Standard product features

Technical properties:

  • Average density: 700 kg/m³.
  • Glue bond (to EN 314-2): Class 3 (exterior).
  • Moisture content: 8–10%.
  • Core: Uniform and consistent core construction.



  • B: Solid white veneers with no open defects or plug repairs. Suitable for high quality paint/ stain or lacquer finish where the end product is open to display.
  • BB: Mainly solid face veneers with some small repaired veneer splits and pin knots. Larger open knots are repaired using wooden plugs. Some solid light and dark knots are admissible. Suitable for applications where a solid surface is needed but the visual aspects are not so critical.
  • C: Usually unsanded and allows a larger range of open defects. Suitable for applications where a strong solid core is needed but face quality does not matter.
  • CP: Generally as BB but with possibly more repairs, open defects and discolouration. This grade can also arise from the downgrade of higher quality grades. Suitable for applications where a strong core is needed but the accepted face quality can be more varied.
  • S+: As B but with slightly more discolouration admissible.

Grade selection is dependent upon board size and thickness selection. Consult manufacturer's literature for information.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-45-95/487 Visual grade general veneer plywood

Product specification

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Product reference

H Birch Plywood

Face grade


Board size

[1220 x 2440 mm]
[1220 x 3050 mm]
[1525 x 1525 mm]
[1525 x 3050 mm]
[2440 x 1220 mm]


[4 mm]
3 ply.
[6 mm]
5 ply.
[6.5 mm]
5 ply.
[9 mm]
7 ply.
[12 mm]
9 ply.
[15 mm]
11 ply.
[18 mm]
13 ply.
[21 mm]
15 ply.
[24 mm]
17 ply.
[27 mm]
19 ply.
[30 mm]
21 ply.
[35 mm]
25 ply.
[40 mm]
29 ply.
[45 mm]
33 ply.
[50 mm]
36 ply.

Manufacturer details

Drakes Industrial Estate,
Shay Lane,
Yorkshire, HX3 6RL
Tel +44 (0)1422 330 444
Fax +44 (0)1422 330 706
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