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Light weight plywood offering stability, ease of cutting and machining, and low density. It is available in a number of thicknesses as either Poplar throughout or as an exotic Ilomba faced, Poplar core combi-product.

Poplar throughout offers light weight, light colour, high homogeneity with a barely perceptible grain. Whereas the pinker hue of the Ilomba face offers versatility and ideal support for decorative coating materials.


  • European Timber Regulation (EUTR) legality compliant.
  • CE Marked to BS EN 13986.
  • FSC/ PEFC available on request.


Interior use - general joinery, shop/ bar fitting, laminating, veneering, furniture, motorhomes and caravans.

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Standard product features

Technical properties:

  • Glue bond (to BS EN 314-2): Class 1 (interior).
  • Moisture content: 8–13%.
  • Veneers: High quality face and core.
  • Density (average): 400 kg/m³.
  • EUTR status: Compliant.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-45-95/487 Visual grade general veneer plywood

Product specification

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Hanson Plywood Ltd


+44 (0)1422 330 444

Product reference

Hanson Lightweight Plywood


B/ BB.
AB/ AB/ AB/ BB/ B/ BB.

Board size

[1220 x 1530 mm]
[1870 x 2120 mm]
[2440 x 1220 mm]
[2500 x 1220 mm]
[3100 x 3120 mm]


[3 mm]
[4 mm]
[6 mm]
[9 mm]
[12 mm]
[15 mm]
[18 mm]
[25 mm]

Manufacturer details

Drakes Industrial Estate,
Shay Lane,
Yorkshire, HX3 6RL
Tel +44 (0)1422 330 444
Fax +44 (0)1422 330 706
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