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Western red cedar exterior cladding which is one of the most popular external claddings, due mainly to its vibrancy of colour, its resistance to decay and high level of durability. If it is left untreated it will weather naturally to a silvery grey or darker grey colour; alternatively it can be prefinished and stained before installation to avoid the weathering process.


PEFC/FSC Certified on request.

Standard product features

Cladding profile:


Natural colour:

Reddish brown (ages to silver grey if left unprotected).

General characteristics:

Sapwood is narrow and white in colour, heartwood is reddish-brown.


Hand selected in mill from unsorted timber giving the following properties:

  • Graded to BS1186-3.
  • Tight live knots with a maximum 12 mm diameter knots and a maximum of 2 knots per meter.

Durability Class:

2 (1-5 scale).

Technical properties:

  • Species: Thuja plicata, also known as: Western red cedar, giant arbor vitae (USA), red cedar (Canada).
  • Wood type: Softwood.
  • Distribution/ origin: USA/ Canada.
  • Type: Solid cladding profile.
  • Density: 390 kg/m³.
  • Moisture movement: Medium.
  • Texture: Coarse.



Stainless steel threaded nail, secret fixed.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-45-95/350 Softwood weatherboards

Product specification

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Cranwood Industries

Product reference

Cranclad Cedar


[Teknos coating]
100 µm thickness (average).


[ ______ ]


[144 x 18 mm]
[94 x 18 mm]

Manufacturer details

Milltown Industrial Estate East,
Upper Dromore Road,
Warrenpoint, BT34 3PN

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