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RynoPaveSupport stackable paving support pads are the quick and simple way to achieve perfectly level paving on a flat surface. They allow for drainage and can be quickly moved for access or maintenance.

RPS-10/15 can be stacked up to six pads high and RPS-HD15 can be stacked up to 10 pads high. They can be snapped into halves/ quarters to support slabs at edges and corners.


  • Roof areas, terraces, balconies, green roofs.
  • Structural podium decks.
  • Communal/ public areas.
  • Walkways/ wheelchair access ramps.
  • Temporary paving areas.
  • Patio overlays/ renovations.
  • Gardens.

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45-70-45/330 Decking and paving pedestals

Product specification

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Ryno Ltd


+44 (0)1358 726000

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3 mm shim, for use with RPS-10 and RPS-15 for fine height adjustment.
9 mm rubber.
10 mm pad.
15 mm pad.
15 mm heavy-duty pad.
2 mm shim, for use with RPS-HS15 for fine height adjustment.

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Castle Point,
Castle Way,
Aberdeenshire, AB41 9RG
Tel +44 (0)1358 726000
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