A collection of 35 exclusive, unique designs and surface finishes, designed in-house. Evola stands for the look of the real material, without its drawbacks. Keeping an eye on the latest trends, the designs contain designs fitting all contemporary interior designs. The collection is a mix of wood designs, plain colours, concrete and metallics.

All designs are available in melamine faced board and HPL including a number of designs featuring an innovative synchronous surface technology.

The particle board is made of wood from sustainably-managed forests of non-controversial sources (PEFC labelled).

Features and benefits:

  • Scratch resistant and durable.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean.
  • Splash-proof surface.
  • Perfect bond between melamine paper and particle board.
  • Two decorative sides.
  • Colourfast.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Melamine faced: Mainly used for internal applications and furniture products (kitchens, dressing rooms, bathrooms, sliding doors, offices, shelves, partition walls etc). Suitable for vertical use and can be used horizontally in relatively unexposed environments.
  • High pressure laminate: Suitable for horizontal general purpose and post forming applications.

Standard product features

Fire reaction class to BS EN 13501-1:

D-s2, d0.

Bending to BS EN 312:

- Strength:

11 N/mm².

- Stiffness:

1600 N/mm².

Surface tensile strength to BS EN 312:

0.8 N/mm².

Formaldehyde class to BS EN 13986:


Formaldehyde content to BS EN 120:

≤ 8 mg/ 100 g.

Water vapour permeability to BS EN 13986:

µ 15 (wet) / 50 (dry).

Airborne sound insulation to BS EN 13986:


Sound absorption (coefficient) to BS EN 13986:

0.10/ 0.25.

Thermal conductivity to BS EN 13986:

λ 0.12.

Biological durability (use class) to BS EN 335-3:

Class 1.

Pentachlorophenol (PCP) content to BS EN 13986:

< 5 (ppm).


Manufactured to BS EN 14322 and BS EN 438-3.



Other thicknesses and supports are available on request.


A range of 19 woods, eight plain colours, four metallics and four concrete imitations are available. Consult manufacturer's literature for details and insert requirements.

- (BST) Topmat, matt surface structure:

  • F989 Pure Concrete light BST.

- (M01) Metallic, brushed effect for metallic designs, high gloss level combined with a soft pearl effect:

  • 760 Brushed alu M01.
  • F992 Brushed bronze M01.
  • F993 Brushed steel blue M01.
  • F994 Brushed gold M01.

- (V8A) Royal oak, synchronous (registered embossed) oak structure with a mix of classic and rustic effects:

  • H164 Royal oak dark brown V8A.
  • H437 Royal oak natural V8A.
  • H588 Royal oak vanilla V8A.

- (V9A) Heritage oak, synchronous (registered embossed) oak structure with a mix of a weathered look and the clean lines of modern architecture:

  • H161 Heritage oak light V9A.
  • H438 Heritage oak medium brown V9A.
  • H439 Heritage oak dark V9A.
  • H450 Heritage oak light patina V9A.

- (W04) Deepwood, extremely deep and natural wood grain pattern:

  • 113 Diamond black W04.
  • 625 Silicon W04.
  • F985 Raw concrete grey W04.
  • F986 Raw concrete dark grey W04.
  • F988 Raw concrete light beige W04.
  • H447 Nordic pine natural W04.
  • H448 Nordic pine light natural W04.
  • H449 Nordic pine grey brown W04.
  • H451 Emilia oak natural W04.
  • H452 Emilia oak light grey W04.
  • H453 Emilia oak dark grey W04.
  • H454 Flakewood taupe W04.
  • H455 Flakewood painted white W04.
  • U115 Otter W04.
  • U128 Graphite W04.
  • U147 Surf W04.
  • U292 Turtle grey W04.
  • UD26 Tornado W04.
  • WA12 Azure white W04.

- (Z5L) Minnesota oak, synchronous (registered embossed) oak structure with rustic atmosphere and typical flower images and tiny knots: e white W04.

  • H160 Minnesota oak greige Z5L.
  • H162 Minnesota oak natural Z5L.
  • H440 Minnesota oak warm natural Z5L.
  • H441 Minnesota oak chocolat Z5L.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-45-95/425 Decorative laminated plastics sheet veneered panels

Product specification

An important note about specifying



Unilin Division Panels


+32 56 66 70 21

Product reference



[3050 x 1300 x 0.8 mm]
High pressure laminate (HPL).
[2800 x 2070 x 18 mm]
Melamine faced board.
[2800 x 2070 x 19 mm]
Melamine faced board.


[MDF standard]
[MDF fire retardant]
[MDF water resistant]
[Particle board standard]
[Particle board fire retardant]
[Particle board water resistant]


[ ______ ]

Edging tape

[Not required]
[ABS edging tape]
Available for all designs. 23 x 1 mm (thickness). 75 m (roll).

Manufacturer details

Ingelmunstersteenweg 229,
8780 Oostrozebeke,
Tel +32 56 66 70 21
NBS Plus