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Three-tone wood flooring with a 3° cut at both ends of each board, allowing the creation of geometric patterns with a high visual impact. Part of the Natural Genius collection.

Features and benefits:

  • Comprised of two layers: a wood top-layer and a cross-fibre, birch-plywood support layer.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.


  • PEFC and FSC certified.
  • Crystalcare anti-bacterial finish: All finishes are certified by CATAS S.p.a. laboratories according to ISO 22196:2007 regulations.
  • Biosphera: Listone Giordano's green procurement policy and marking system, which identifies raw materials whose forestry management is certified according to recognised international standards (FSC, PEFC, etc.), or raw materials whose legal sourcing and forestry management is backed up by specific audit and related papers.
  • Marcatura CE: Listone Giordano strictly complies with all CE certification rules related to wooden floors.
  • Fire reaction: Complies to the Dfl-s1 fire reaction class according to the requirements of the EN 14342 regulation on the CE mark.
  • Air emissions: Certification on the emission level of volatile substances in the rooms that present a toxic risk through inhalation.
  • Solvent free: No emission of solvents, resulting from analysis conducted on Listone Giordano products by the SERECO BIOTEST chemical laboratory.
  • Formaldehyde: All the products comply to class E1, which is amongst the strictest European regulations (UNI EN 14342).

Standard product features

Size (w x l x d):

90 x 783 x 12.5 mm. Cut at 3° at the heads.

Board composition:

This patented two layered wood flooring invention, pioneered by founder Prof. Giordano, provides exceptional stability, strength and durability thanks to its engineered cross-ply construction. The plywood support assures maximum stability, with its transversal layers laid perpendicularly to the grain of the hardwood top layer, and makes it possible to produce larger boards than those of traditional products.

- Surface treatment:

Oleonature: Natural oil-based, air-dried finish which highlights the wood’s tactility. A special protective treatment applied as a final coating, it is characterised by high protection and practicality of maintenance. It features anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.

- Top layer:

  • Wood species: Oak.
  • Thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Manufactured from carefully selected, quality wood species, and uses unique production processes. The Oak comes from Listone Giordano's forest in Fontaines (France) where the saw mill oversees the selection of the raw material, complying with the French regulations regarding ecology and sustainable forestry.

- Support layer:

Material: Birch with marine glue, 9 mm thick.

- Adhesives:

  • Adhesives used for manufacturing the floors are ecological, non-toxic and odourless. They comply with the strictest European standards regarding solvents and formaldehydes.
  • Top layer adhesive conforms to the requirements of class D4 of the UNI EN 204 regulation and the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) type II norm (2 h in hot water at 70°C and followed immediately by 3 h in an airy stove at 60°C).

Thermal resistance:

0.077 m²K/W.


Adhesive (glued down).

NBS Specification

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45-45-95/370 Engineered wood (wood veneer) boards

NBS Specification

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