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A frameless double glazed glass partition system with discreet mullions, or ‘ghost posts’, and framework combining contemporary aesthetics, elegance and durability.

Polar Double Glazed partitioning can be integrated with other Komfort partitioning systems. Doors can be single glazed, double glazed or timber. All doors within double glazed are framed in either aluminium, timber or MDF veneered.

Standard product features

Fire ratings (maximum):

Consult the Komfort technical team for details.

Acoustic rating (Rw, maximum):

49 dB.

Structural rating:

Up to severe duty.

Weight (including nominal head and base):

  • Toughened safety glass, 10 and 12 mm thick: 59 kg/m².
  • With deflection heads: ≤57.45 kg/m².


Height (maximum):

3300 mm.

Glazing type:

Available in combinations of the following:

  • Acoustic laminated safety glass, 10.8 mm thick.
  • Acoustic laminated safety glass, 12.8 mm thick.
  • Intumescent fire safety glass, 12.4 mm thick.
  • Toughened safety glass, 6 mm thick.
  • Toughened safety glass, 8 mm thick.
  • Toughened safety glass, 10 mm thick.
  • Toughened safety glass, 12 mm thick.
  • Toughened safety glass, 15 mm thick.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-35-80/420 Panel partitions

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Komfort Partitioning Ltd


+44 (0) 1403 390300

Product reference

Polar Double Glazed

Partition height

[ ______ ]

Head/ abutment channel finish

[ ______ ]


 - Type:
[ ______ ]
 - Joints:
[Bubble joint]
[Two-part dry joint]
 - Manifestation:
[ ______ ]
 - Integral venetian blinds:


[Not required]
[25 mm slats]
Complete with control knob for double or triple glazed panels.

   Colour/ Finish:


Deflection heads

 - Type:
[Not required]
 - Deflection tolerance:
[Not applicable]
[+/- 15 mm]
[+/- 25 mm]


 - Type:
 - Door frame:
[Not applicable]
For frameless and sliding doors.
[MDF veneered]
 - Door leaf:




[12 mm]
For glass doors.
[44 mm]

   Finish/ colour:

 - Ironmongery:
[ ______ ]
 - Manifestation:
[ ______ ]

Manufacturer details

Spectrum House,
Beehive Ring Road,
Gatwick Airport,
Crawley, RH6 0LG
Tel +44 (0) 1403 390300
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