PVC tray designed to support pitched roof underlays at eaves, preventing ponding behind the fascia. The tray prevents the underlay draping into the gutter and UV degradation of the underlay. Suitable for new building and re-roofing applications.


  • Position on top of the fascia board and fix into place with nails.
  • Lap adjacent trays by a minimum of 150 mm to form a continuous run and adequately support roofing underlay.
  • Fit on top of any over-fascia vent.
  • Lay the roofing underlay tight to ensure that there are no troughs for water to sit: its bottom edge should be higher than the line of the fascia board to avoid exposure to the elements and consequential degradation.

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Size (w x l):

180 mm x 1.5 m.


50 mm.

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45-20-75/310 Plastics eaves underlay support

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Felt Support Tray

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