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Versatile linear drain that has been designed for concrete or screed floors and can be used on concrete slabs, planks and block and beam floors.

Available with one, two or three traps and a choice of grill finishes.

The design of the linear trough allows the waste position to be rotated through 360°, enabling installation in most solid floor constructions.

Features and benefits:

  • Horizontal or vertical outlet.
  • Flow rate up to 68 L/ min.
  • 50 mm TR-50 waterseal trap (manufactured to EN 274-1: 2002).
  • Height adjustable brackets and grill.
  • 360º rotatable outlet.
  • Variable trap positions (left, right and centre).
  • Top access trap for easy maintenance.
  • Grill lengths available up to 2000 mm.
  • Bespoke designs available on request.
  • Lifetime guarantee included.

Waterproofing membrane:

CCL Wetrooms recommend the RIW Tilesafe or Screedsafe membrane is applied to the shower area, plus an additional one metre in either direction. RIW FWM should then be applied to the walls of the shower area, plus an additional 300 mm and overlapped onto the RIW Tilesafe/ Screedsafe Reinforcing Tape (specified separately). Consult manufacturer for details.

Related literature

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Standard product features


Manufactured from grade 1.4401 (316) stainless steel. The grill is available in a solid, slotted or stone-infill finish.


  • All Linear Screed Line drains are manufactured with one trough size at 660 mm and all lengths of grill are then fitted onto this trough. Where the grill length exceeds 660 mm, the ends of the grill will overhang and are supported by tile adhesive.
  • The height of the grill is adjustable in 1 mm increments to suit tile thicknesses of between 6–20 mm.
  • The width of the grill is adjustable up to 38 mm.



- Length:


  • SFG-600, 600 mm.
  • SFG-700, 700 mm.
  • SFG-800, 800 mm.
  • SFG-900, 900 mm.
  • SFG-1000, 1000 mm.
  • SFG-1100, 1100 mm.
  • SFG-1200, 1200 mm.
  • SFG-1300, 1300 mm.
  • SFG-1400, 1400 mm.
  • SFG-1500, 1500 mm.
  • SFG-1600, 1600 mm.
  • SFG-1700, 1700 mm.
  • SFG-1800, 1800 mm.
  • SFG-1900, 1900 mm.
  • SFG-2000, 2000 mm.


  • SWG-600, 600 mm.
  • SWG-700, 700 mm.
  • SWG-800, 800 mm.
  • SWG-900, 900 mm.
  • SWG-1000, 1000 mm.
  • SWG-1100, 1100 mm.
  • SWG-1200, 1200 mm.
  • SWG-1300, 1300 mm.
  • SWG-1400, 1400 mm.
  • SWG-1500, 1500 mm.
  • SWG-1600, 1600 mm.
  • SWG-1700, 1700 mm.
  • SWG-1800, 1800 mm.
  • SWG-1900, 1900 mm.
  • SWG-2000, 2000 mm.

Bespoke sizes also available, consult manufacturer for details.

NBS Specification

NBS Create logo
This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
90-10-60/410 Sanitary appliance traps
35-70-70/114 Shower area assembly
90-05-20/306 Floor gullies
45-35-70/337 Wastes for shower trays
90-05-20/302 Floor channels

Product specification

An important note about specifying



CCL Wetrooms


+44 (0)844 3276002

Product reference

Linear Screed Line

Drain body

 - Trap type:
Flow rate up to 24 L/ min. Central trap position. Left and right handed versions available. Insert requirement.
Flow rate up to 41 L/ min. For medium to high performance showers.
Flow rate up to 68 L/ min. For high performance showers.
 - Trap outlets:
With adjustable ball joint.
Positioned through the slab and connected to waste pipe below.
 - Bracket type:
[Extension brackets]
Required where the height of the drain body exceeds 88 mm. Each bracket will increase the height by 30 mm; multiple can be used.
[Extra shallow height]
Adjustment from 38–57 mm.
[Standard height for horizontal trap]
Adjustment from 138–218 mm.
[Standard height for vertical trap]
Adjustment from 55–88 mm.
 - Layout:
[One-way fall]
[Two-way fall]
[Three-way fall]
[Four-way fall]


 - Type:
58 mm width. Typically positioned 150 mm from the wall, to create a two-way fall within the shower.
86 mm width. Positioned neatly against the wall, to create a one-way fall within the shower.
 - Length:
[ ______ ]
 - Finish:
[Type A]
Solid grill, stainless steel with 5 mm gap around the grill.
[Type B]
Slotted, three rows of oblong slots in a brushed stainless steel finish.
[Type C]
Square, three rows of square holes in a brushed stainless steel finish.
[Type F]
Frameless, almost invisible finish using a section of matching stone or tile.
[Type S8]
Stone infill, allows a section of tiles to be inserted to provide a sleek continuous finish. Suitable for 6–8 mm stone/ porcelain tiles.
[Type S12]
Stone infill, allows a section of tiles to be inserted to provide a sleek continuous finish. Suitable for 10–12 mm stone/ porcelain tiles.
[Type S20]
Stone infill, allows a section of tiles to be inserted to provide a sleek continuous finish. Suitable for 18–20 mm stone/ porcelain tiles.

Manufacturer details

Lodge Farm,
Hook Road,
North Warnborough,
Hampshire, RG29 1HA
Tel +44 (0)844 3276002
Fax +44 (0)1256 765100
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