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RIW Tilesafe Membrane system has been developed to provide waterproofing beneath ceramic, natural stone and porcelain tiles in bath/ shower rooms and other wet areas. It is a heavy-duty self-adhesive membrane, consisting of a thick rubber modified bitumen waterproof layer incorporating a woven glass fibre mesh on one face. The product has a brown release paper on the adhesive side and a clear HDPE release film on the upper surface.

Features and benefits:

  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Suitable for timber and solid floors.
  • Self-adhesive – quick and easy to apply.
  • Ready to tile immediately.
  • Ideal for fast track construction.
  • Supplied as a kit.
  • De-coupling properties.
  • Acoustic properties.
  • Factory controlled thickness.


All surfaces to be clean, dry, free from dust, grease and oil, etc. Surfaces must be smooth, sound and flat, with all indentations filled with a suitable filler and all protrusions struck off.


RIW Tilesafe is cold applied, consisting of a 2 mm thick rubberized waterproof layer, incorporating a woven glass fibre on one side. It is applied using a rapid set tile adhesive which keys to the mesh. As the adhesive dries it forms a strong permanent bond through the mesh and directly onto the waterproof layer.

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Standard product features


2 mm.


All surfaces to be primed with RIW Tilesafe primer.


Butt joint: 1–2 mm gap. All butt joints in the membrane, wall-to-wall and wall-to-floor interfaces and at pipe entries to be sealed with RIW Tilesafe Jointing Compound, gun applied. All small gaps or voids around pipe entries, etc., to be filled with RIW Tilesafe Putty prior to application of jointing compound.


  • RIW Tilesafe Reinforcing Tape to reinforce all wall junctions, butt joints and other detail work in membrane.
  • TSK-5: 5 m² kit contains 5 x 1 m roll of membrane; 10 m Reinforcing Tape; 500 ml primer; 310 ml jointing compound; 500 g putty.
  • TSK-10: 10 m² kit contains 10 x 1 m roll of membrane; 15 m Reinforcing Tape; 1 L primer; 310 ml jointing compound; 500 g putty.

NBS Specification

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45-65-50/304 Bitumen sheets

Product specification

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RIW Tilesafe


RIW Tilesafe Primer

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[RIW Tilesafe jointing compound]
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