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Flexible polyolefin waterproofing membranes, to suit all dimensions, sizes and shapes of flat roof, including new build, refurbishment, ballasted or green roof. The membrane is fully compatible with bitumen based systems, making it suitable for refurbishment as an overlay system. The system can be mechanically fixed or adhesive bonded.

The membrane is free from plasticizers, halogens and heavy metals making the synthetic waterproofing system environmentally sound. It is 100% recyclable, with all production waste returned to the manufacturing process.

When installed by a Bauder Approved Contractor, the Thermoplan T system is guaranteed for at least ten years. Refer to Bauder for further information.

Standard product features

Thermoplan T membrane:

– Width:

1.5 m.

– Length:

20 m (Thermoplan T-SV 12 - 25 m).

– Colour:

Reflective pearl white finish.

– Performance:

  • Tensile strength: In excess of 1200 N.
  • Fire performance: Tested by BRE to BS 476-3:1958, achieving a FAB fire classification.

– Attachment:


Suitable for all roof types and decking structures, particularly warm roofs with metal or plywood decks. Mechanical attachment allows the membrane and components to be removed and recycled at the end of the system’s serviceable life.

Adhesive bonded:

Suitable for warm roof construction with all decking structures, particularly concrete decks. Adhesive bonding is recommended where:

  • the concrete deck cannot be drilled due to it having a high proportion of stone;
  • the deck structure may be compromised by the drilling;
  • it is not desirable for the fixings to be visible.

The polyurethane adhesive bond provides excellent wind-uplift resistance.

– Laps:

Laps are sealed by hot air welding, and must be cleaned with Thermoplan FPO before welding.


Vapour control layers:

  • KSD Duo - Self-adhesive elastomeric bitumen vapour barrier, able to provide temporary weatherproofing. Patented “DUO” lap technology ensures thorough sealing of lap joints, even in lower temperatures. The product features an aluminium foil facing for vapour impermeability.
  • Thermoplan VB 20 - Loose laid polyethylene sheet, 0.20 mm thick.

PIR FA-TE insulation:

  • A range of flat closed-cell, polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation boards.
  • Type: Rigid closed-cell polyisocyanurate (PIR) roofboard: To BS 4841-3.
  • Facing: Aluminium foil to both faces.
  • Density: >30 kg/m³.
  • Standard board size: 1200 mm x 600 mm.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/mK
  • Compressive strength: > 0.12 N/mm².
  • PIR index: >250 – giving extremely high dimensional stability.


  • Internal and external corner details can be formed with Thermoplan pre-formed corners. Detail work to roof penetrations, etc, requiring the membrane to be used in irregular angles, can be carried out with Bauder Thermoplan TL nonreinforced membrane or Thermoplan pre-formed detailing components. Thermoplan Pre-coated metal sheet can be used to form flashings, trims and terminations, as shown on Bauder’s detail drawings. Flashings should be mechanically attached using recommended fasteners installed at 200 mm centres and sealed to the structure using Thermoplan Tape 20 to minimise air leakage.
  • 4 mm movement gaps should be formed between adjoining sections of Thermoplan Pre-coated metal edge trim, using unreinforced cover straps.
  • Where Thermoplan Pre-coated metal is to be sealed to the structure with Bauder Sealant the substrate should be primed with Bauder Sealant Primer.
  • A comprehensive range of compatible ancillary items is available, including rooflights, rain water outlets, soil and vent pipes and lightning conductors. Lightning conductors are installed using Type 2 (Bare Conductor) or Type 4 (PVC) conductor clips, with the Thermoplan-T pad fully welded to the main Thermoplan-T sheet at 1000 mm centres.

NBS Specification

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20-50-30/170 Single layer warm roof covering system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Bauder Ltd


+44 (0)1473 257671

Product reference

Thermoplan T single ply polyolefin waterproofing system

Vapour control layer

[KSD Duo]
Self-adhesive, aluminium faced, hot air activated, elastomeric bitumen, 1.5 mm thick.
[Thermoplan VB 20]
Loose laid, polyethylene, 0.20 mm thick.


 - Type:
[PIR Flatboard]
[PIR FA-TE Flatboard]
[PIR Tapered board]
 - Thickness (flatboard):
[30 mm]
[40 mm]
[50 mm]
[60 mm]
[80 mm]
[100 mm]
[120 mm]
[140 mm]
[160 mm]
[(tapered available also)]

Waterproof membrane

[Thermoplan T-SV 12]
1.2 mm thick. Suitable for all applications.
[Thermoplan T-SV 15]
1.5 mm thick. Suitable for all applications.
[Thermoplan T-SV 15 FB]
1.5 mm thick, fleece backed. Suitable for all applications.
[Thermoplan T-SV 20]
2.0 mm thick. Suitable for all applications.


[Membrane and insulation fasteners]
[Bauder insulation adhesive]
[Bauder Thermoplan Full Bond Contact Adhesive 4692]
[Bauder Thermoplan spray contact adhesive]
 - Colour:
[Pearl White (RAL 1013)]
1.2 and 2 mm available in Pearl White only.
[Silver Grey (RAL 7001)]


[Bauder Sealant]
[Bauder Sealant Primer]
[Lightning conductor]
Type 2 – bare conductor.
[Lightning conductor]
Type 4 – PVC coated.
[Pre-formed external corners]
[Pre-formed internal corners]
[Rainwater outlets]
[Soil and vent pipes]
[Thermoplan Pre-coated metal sheet]
[Thermoplan TL unreinforced membrane]

Manufacturer details

70 Landseer Road,
Suffolk, IP3 0DH
Tel +44 (0)1473 257671
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