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Flashband Original is a self-adhesive sealing strip which bonds instantly to provide a permanent watertight seal in all climates. It is easily applied using hand pressure only, with no requirement for special equipment for cutting, forming or fixing. For improved adhesion on porous or uneven surfaces, apply Flashband Primer. For smooth non-porous surfaces use, Flashband Primer SV


  • Superior high temperature performance characteristics.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • Bonds to a wide range of building materials.
  • Cost effective method of flashing, sealing and repair.
  • Provides lasting protection in all climates.
  • Safe in application, storage and transport.


  • Flashband bonds to most building materials including brick, masonry, slates, concrete roof tiles, wood, metal, concrete, terracotta tiles, glass, roofing felt, rigid plastics etc.
  • Applications include a large variety of original construction and maintenance situations including repairing lead flashing, sealing valley gutters, mending leaks in drain pipes and guttering, greenhouse repairs, protecting glazing bars, protecting insulation for pipes and tanks, repairing roofing felt joints on flat roofs.

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45-75-90/420 Self-adhesive bitumen tape

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Bostik Ltd


+44 (0)1785 272727

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Flashband Original


[ ______ ]


[Not required]
[Flashband Primer]
For use on porous or uneven surfaces.
[Flashband Primer SV]
For use on smooth, non-porous surfaces.

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Common Road,
Staffordshire, ST16 3EH
Tel +44 (0)1785 272727
Fax +44 (0)1785 241818
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