The Maxi Speedy is a heavy duty hanger for the support of timber to timber or timber to masonry, concrete etc with provision for nailing or bolting.


  • Manufactured from 1.5 mm thick pre-galvanized mild steel to BS EN 10346: 2009, DX51D + Z275.
  • Nail hole diameter, 4.5 mm; bolt hole diameter, 14 mm.

Installation requirements:

Fixing by BAT 3.75 x 30 mm long square twisted sherardized nails, M12 bolts or coach screws.



  • To specify type, double joist depth and add joist width, e.g. for joist 225 mm deep x 38 mm wide, then 225 (d) + 225 (d) + 38 (w) = 488 mm.
  • The Maxi Speedy blank type must be less than the total calculated (in the above example, select MS440, not MS500 as the joist hanger would stand proud).

Safe working loads:

Please refer to manufacturer's literature for permissible safe working loads of the joist hangers in combination with different masonry strengths.

NBS Specification

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45-50-50/410 Joist hangers

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Product reference

Maxi Speedy




[38 mm]
[47 mm]
[50 mm]
[63 mm]
[75 mm]
[100 mm]
[122 mm]
For MS500, 560 and 620 only.
[150 mm]
For MS500, 560 and 620 only.

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Co Durham, DH3 1JF
Tel +44 (0)191 410 6631
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