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Power-tie cavity wall ties are suitable for use in walls with cavity widths from 50 mm. Ties are available for masonry to masonry, masonry to timber frame, and thin joint masonry construction.

They include movement ties which allow horizontal displacement or remedial ties which are used where ties have failed or been omitted. Wavy tail ties are available in standard lengths and incorporate a water drip and are bonded into existing structures using epoxy resin. Screw-in starter and cavity ties are supplied with masonry plugs for fixing to concrete and masonry.

Manufactured to comply with BS EN 845-1: Ties, tension straps, hangers and brackets. Stainless steel type 1.4301 to BS EN 10088-1.



- Wall Ties:

  • Type 4 Housing Wall Ties: PT200, PT225 or PT250.
  • Type 2 General Purpose Wall Ties: MPT200, MPT225 or MPT250.
  • Type 1 Heavy Duty Wall Ties: PT1200, PT1225, PT1250, PT1275 or PT1300.
  • Type 2/3 Double Triangle Wall Ties: DT200, DT225, DT250 or DT 300.
  • Type 4 Thin Joint Masonry Ties: PTJ4115, PTJ4135 or PTJ4165.
  • Screw-in Cavity Ties: SCT150, SCT180, SCT200 or SCT225.
  • Wavy Tail Remedial Ties: WVT150, WVT200 or WVT300.
  • Double Wavy Tail Remedial Ties: WWVT150, WWVT200 or WWVT300.
  • Mechanical/ Mechanical Remedial Ties: RMT175, RMT200, RMT225, RMT250 or RMT300.
  • Welded Wire Frame Ties: WWFT125, WWFT150 or WWFT300.
  • Type 6 Timber Frame Ties: SSFS50, SSFS75 or SSFS100.

- Two Part Wall Ties:

To suit 150–400 mm cavity.

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45-25-95/350 Stainless steel resin-bonded ties

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Power-Tie Wall Ties


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