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Masonry support systems provide a method of controlling the uninterrupted height of masonry panels and accommodating differential vertical movement between masonry cladding and framed structures.

To aid site installation all masonry support angles have a polyethylene foam joint filler factory fitted. Traditionally a foam filler is installed loose on site, which, with adverse weather conditions, can cause problems. The factory applied joint filler is automatically installed.

Angle Support System:

Angle Support Systems can be fixed directly to uncased structural steel frames. Universal beams will require a plate to be welded between the flanges at each bracket position. The system can be fixed to concrete frames with cast-in channels or with anchors. The support angle will be provided with vertical slots or with horizontal slots to suit fixing requirements. The angles are supplied in lengths up to 2000 mm for direct fixing to structural backgrounds.

Bracket Support System:

Bracket Support Systems comprise of bracketed angles bolted back to a continuous channel cast into the edge of the concrete or bolted directly to structural concrete or steel frames. The system can be supplied in a variety of configurations to suit particular applications and masonry support requirements. Bracket spacing, depth and height are all designed to suit loading requirements. Various cavity widths and fixing positions can be accommodated.

Stone Support System:

Support cleats accommodate a fixed bolt in the vertical leg and can be supplied with a lip, dowels or are inclined at 15° to restrain each stone. Dimensions are selected to suit the particular application and load requirement.


  • Bracket and Angle Support Systems can be tailored to meet customer’s design and engineering considerations.
  • Angle and Bracket Support Systems can carry up to 9 m of brickwork and accommodate various cavity widths.
  • Individual bracket supports, suspended masonry, top hung brackets and curved angles can be specified.
  • Stone Support System complies with BS 8298 and is designed to suit natural stone cladding in a range of sizes and thickness.

Expamet Masonry Support Systems are manufactured in stainless steel 1.4301 to BS EN 10088-2 which will be suitable for most building applications. In particularly corrosive environments stainless steel 1.4401 should be specified. Masonry support is also available in hot dip galvanized steel to BS EN ISO 1461.


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All Masonry Support systems are designed specific to each project by Expamet Construction’s in-house design team; each system is designed using bespoke calculation software.

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