Hy-Rib® is an expanded metal sheet product, specifically developed for use as permanent formwork to concrete. The profile of the open mesh, in combination with the Hy-Rib® tangs, allows the development of dense concrete nodules and indents on the face, forming an enhanced mechanical key for the second phase pour. The resulting surface is suitable for a rendered or tiled finish.

Hy-Rib® is primarily used in construction joint applications but it is also used to form wall, beam and column surfaces and slab soffits, where the formed surface will not be seen. It has also been used successfully for sprayed concrete applications.


  • Hy-Rib® forms an enhanced mechanical key for the second phase pour. Joint surfaces require minimal preparation.
  • All Hy-Rib® is colour coded to enable the easy identification of the steel type and gauge of the sheet.
  • Formwork pressure is significantly less than that developed with traditional forming materials, reducing the overall support requirement.
  • Concrete is easier to see and monitor during pour and the risk of trapped air and voids within the concrete is reduced.

Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and complies with ISO 14001: 2004.

Standard product features


20.8 mm.



- 0.4 mm:

  • Weight: 3.39 kg/m².
  • ID colour: Red 2811.

- 0.5 mm:

  • Weight: 4.23 kg/m².
  • ID colour: Green 2611.

- 0.75 mm:

  • Weight: 6.35 kg/m².
  • ID colour: Yellow 2411.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-85-70/370 Carbon steel fabric reinforcement
45-50-30/460 Expanded steel mesh formwork

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Expamet Building Products


+44 (0)191 410 6631

Product reference



[Zinc coated steel]
[Stainless steel]
Special order; consult manufacturer.


[0.4 mm]
[0.5 mm]
[0.75 mm]


 - Width:
[89 mm, 2 Rib]
[178 mm, 3 Rib]
[267 mm, 4 Rib]
[356 mm, 5 Rib]
[445 mm, 6 Rib]
Insert requirements.
[Contractor's choice]
 - Length:
[2 m]
[3 m]
[4 m]
[5 m]
[Contractor's choice]

Manufacturer details

Mary Avenue,
Co Durham, DH3 1JF
Tel +44 (0)191 410 6631
Fax +44 (0)191 410 0650
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