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High-performance, thermally-broken connectors for concrete-to-concrete balcony applications. Particularly suitable for highly energy-efficient structures, heavily-congested or stepped floor slabs, applications where maximum corrosion protection is required and when an integral fire resistance is preferred to the installation of a separate fire protection barrier.

Each unit consists of non-deformable cage offering high rigidity and dimensional stability. The insulation component comprises Rockwool® mineral wool that offers inherent fire-resistant qualities. All reinforcement and metal components are manufactured from stainless steel which offers improvements in both thermal efficiency and corrosion resistance over carbon steel systems. An additional benefit is the use of short compression studs instead of compression bars which offer greater concrete design flexibility and simplify installation.

Isotec has been thoroughly and independently tested by the French CSTB and holds Avis Technique Number 20/11-232.


  • Inherently fire-resistant mineral wool insulation.
  • Compression studs reduce rebar congestion and simplify installation.
  • Continuous stainless steel reinforcement maximises strength, thermal efficiency and corrosion protection.
  • Supplied as a complete unit providing rigidity and dimensional stability.
  • Extensive product line to suit a wide range of applications.

Standard product features


80 mm.


100 kg/m³.


0.18–0.3 W/mK depending on construction.


Tensile and shear reinforcement consist of 1.4301 stainless steel with the characteristics of BSt500S. Tensile bars are continuous with no structural welding or point of weakness. Compression studs are manufactured from 12 mm diameter, high-resistance 1.4301 stainless steel bars with hot-forged heads.

In addition to thermal and durability benefits, stainless steel reinforcement reduces concrete cover requirements and can therefore provide additional design efficiencies over carbon steel systems.


Fire-resistant Rockwool® mineral wool insulation is protected by a plastic U-shaped profile top and bottom. A label is affixed to the top identifying the system type and direction of placement.



  • ISO 80 MV: Slab-to-slab transfer of bending moment and shear forces.
  • ISO 80 DMV: Slab-to-slab transfer, at same level, of bending moment and positive and negative shear forces.
  • ISO 80 V: Slab-to-slab or slab-to-wall transfer of shear forces only with types A–D. Slab-to-slab transfer, at same level, of shear forces only with types E–M.
  • ISO 80 DV: Slab-to-slab or slab-to-wall transfer of positive and negative shear forces, with types A-D. Slab-to-slab transfer, at same level, of positive and negative shear forces with types E–M.

NBS Specification

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45-75-42/395 Stainless steel shear load connector

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Ancon Isotec Balcony Connectors


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