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Stainless steel helical nails for fixing counterbattens through pitched roof insulation.


  • Helical nails are a quick and reliable fixing for use in warm roof applications.
  • Unlike traditional nails, they rotate as they are driven in, inducing a self-tapping action and consequently do not split or bounce timbers.
  • Engineered with the precise Thor-Helical patented helix to provide excellent holding power.
  • They install flush to the counterbatten, and can be hammered or power driven.
  • Can be used in line with NHBC standards.

Super-7™ Alignment Tool:

  • Vertically aligns and centres a nail on the counterbatten to rafter arrangement, improving build quality.
  • The tool features a levelling indicator to identify a vertical plane.
  • Complete with cut-outs for precise location of 38 and 50 mm wide counterbattens.

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  • Standard lengths: 140–185 mm.
  • Other lengths are available in increments of 5 mm.
  • The recommended nail length and fixing centres can be calculated using HeliCalc, a free web-based program available at www.helicalc.co.uk. Alternatively, contact Ancon Building Products for specific advice.

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45-50-60/350 Stainless steel nails

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Staifix Super-7™ Thor-Helical Nails


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