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A lightweight, semi-hydroponic, modular panel living wall system. It is constructed from a patented, advanced Fytotextile® fabric. Each square metre holds up to 49 plants in individual pockets. Each panel incorporates a dripline to irrigate the plants through the system. Panels can be fitted to both flat and curved surfaces. The system is designed for rapid installation by a small specialist team, minimizing on-site disruption. No lengthy pre-growing is required as all walls are planted on site.

Can be used on commercial (non-residential) buildings over 18 m high and on residential or commercial buildings up to 18 m in height.

Features and benefits:

  • Breathable nature provides excellent aeration to the rootzone promoting strong growth.
  • Even water distribution to the root-zone, ensuring efficient use of water.
  • Optimal multi-layer structure; waterproof layer, irrigation layer and breathable layer.
  • Lightweight and fully flexible system; can be installed on curved surfaces.
  • Quick installation and rapid plant growth post install.
  • Available in nine standard panel sizes or bespoke to suit individual projects. Can be manufactured to any shape and size.
  • Ten-year product warranty.
  • Fire resistant to BS 476-6 and BS 476-7.


Suitable for exterior or interior use in commercial or residential projects.

Standard product features

System weight:

35 kg/m² (structurally tested to support 530 kg/m²).



Automated: This system suits all walls large and small. The run-off from the irrigation cycles is connected to an outlet at the base of the wall. This is the most common set-up where drainage is not an issue.

Recirculating: This system suits locations where drainage is an issue. The water collected from the irrigation cycles is recirculated back through the system negating the need for a drainage outlet. Generally used on interior schemes, it can be installed with a freshwater top-up or the tank can be filled manually.

NBS Specification

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40-40-95/155 Modular vertical planting system

Product specification

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Scotscape Fytotextile Living Wall System


[Module H1, 1 x 0.73 m]
[Module H2, 1 x 0.46 m]
[Module H3, 0.72 x 0.46 m]
[Module S1, 1 x 1 m]
[Module S2, 0.72 x 0.73 m]
[Module S3, 0.45 x 0.46 m]
[Module V1, 0.72 x 1 m]
[Module V2, 0.45 x 1 m]
[Module V3, 0.45 x 0.75 m]


[ ______ ]



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Tel +44 (0)20 8254 5000
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