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Stainless steel base cabinets forming part of the Decimetric® system of modular kitchen furniture and equipment. Available in Decimetric® sizing increments and with a range of door options, shelf and draw configurations.

Units can be combined with Decimetric® Classic sink and worktop configurations and/ or Decimetric® Drainers (standard sink and drainers).

Standard product features

Adjustable height (without worktop):

810-860 mm.

Unit height:

660 mm.


SatinEase finished stainless steel grade EN 1.4301.


Type and lengths:

–B: Open; length 400-2200 mm.

–BH: Hinged door with shelf; length 400-1000 mm.

– BHD: Hinged door with drawer(s):

  • 1 drawer; length 400-600 mm.
  • 2 drawers; length 700-800 mm.

– BS: Sliding door with (two) shelves; length 1000-3000 mm.

– BDS Double-sided cabinet, dual sliding doors with shelf, length 1000-2200 mm.

– BSD Sliding door with drawer(s):

  • 2 drawers; length 1000-1200 mm.
  • 3 drawers; length 1300-1600 mm.
  • 4 drawers; length 1700-2000 mm.
  • 5 drawers; length 2100 mm.

– BD Drawers, width 400-600mm; available in 2, 3 or 4 drawer formats.

– BC Corner with shelf, width 1100 mm.

NBS Specification

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45-35-80/340 Kitchen storage units

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Anderson, GEC Ltd


+44 (0)1442 826999

Product reference

Decimetric® Base Cabinets


[Decimetric® B]
[Decimetric® BH]
[Decimetric® BHD with 1 drawer]
[Decimetric® BHD with 2 drawers]
[Decimetric® BHD with 3 drawers]
[Decimetric® BS]
[Decimetric® BDS]
[Decimetric® BSD with 1 drawer]
[Decimetric® BSD with 2 drawers]
[Decimetric® BSD with 3 drawers]
[Decimetric® BSD with 4 drawers]
[Decimetric® BSD with 5 drawers]
[Decimetric® BD with 2 drawers]
[Decimetric® BD with 3 drawers]
[Decimetric® BD with 4 drawers]
[Decimetric® BC]


[600 mm]
[700 mm]


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Other requirements

[Castors; stainless steel with Teflon]
[Castors; zinc plated with rubber tyre]
[Door locks]
[Drawer locks]
[Open backed cabinets]
For plumbing.

Manufacturer details

Shire Lane,
Hertfordshire, HP23 6LY
Tel +44 (0)1442 826999
Fax +44 (0)1442 825999
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