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The EG150 range of Eurogullies are designed to provide hygienic, quick, simple and economic trapped drainage solutions for light industrial use, washrooms, ‘wet’ bathrooms, changing rooms, swimming pools, hotels, apartments and toilets. Manufactured in austenitic 304 grade stainless steel as standard, excellent corrosion resistance is guaranteed. Optional 316 grade stainless steel for aggressive applications is available on all gullies. EG150 Eurogullies are supplied with perforated gratings as standard ensuring no risk to bare feet or stiletto heels.

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Standard product features


  • FACTA load class: A.
  • Removable in-line foul air trap fitted as standard, flow rate 1.2 L/s. 50 mm water seal meets requirements of BS EN 1253.
  • Telescopic height variant providing full 360° rotation and +/- 7.5° pitch and roll adjustment.
  • Smooth contour design minimizes bacteria traps.
  • 110 mm diameter vertical spigot outlet; 75 mm horizontal spigot outlet.
  • Ends stops provided preventing accidental dismantling on telescopic variants.
  • three back inlet variant available, supplied with fully interchangeable adaptors to suit 32 mm / 1.25” to BS 5254 and 40 mm / 1.5” to BS 5255 waste pipes.

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90-05-20/306 Floor gullies

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Product specification

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ACO Technologies plc


+44 (0)1462 816666

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EG150 Eurogullies for vinyl sheet flooring applications

Gully type

 - Type:
Fixed invert 112 mm.
Variable invert 219–249 mm.
Variable invert 219–249 mm c/w 3 side inlets.
Variable invert 126–156 mm.
Variable invert 220–250 mm c/w 3 side inlets.
Variable invert 126–156 mm c/w 3 side inlets.
 - Steel grade:


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Manufacturer details

ACO Technologies plc,
ACO Business Park,
Hitchin Road,
Bedfordshire, SG17 5TE
Tel +44 (0)1462 816666
Fax +44 (0)1462 815895
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