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Modular seating with Iroko laminated seating platform.

The trapezoid-shaped building block allows units to be flipped, rotated and also sub-divided to provide seating and planting within the same module. The full seating module can accommodate a minimum of three to four adults and can be used in isolation or added to a planter or to combined seating/planter modules to allow for hundreds of viable layouts.

All timber sections are ‘regularised’ with planed faces and eased edges, with cross-cuts also softened to eliminate sharp edges and reduce the risk of splintering. Softwood can be supplied in a ‘natural’ pressure treated finish which can add a slight green tinge to the pale colouration of the timber or can be treated with a supplementary saturating oil in a variety of tinted colours.

Layouts can be linear (straight and angled), island clusters (by placing units adjacent to one another) and units can be used to create seating alcoves.

The base is moulded from lightweight but tough polyethylene and comes in multiple finish options, including bright colours. The seating platform is laminated from hardwood Iroko, which contains natural oils and is classified as very durable.

All modules have adjustable feet, allowing for levelling on sloping ground of up to 50 mm height difference on adjacent feet. On secure sites, products can be left freestanding, but if preferred can be fixed down via ground fixing plates fitted to two of the feet.

Features and benefits:

  • Various configurable layouts to suit almost any site situation.
  • Readily movable so can be reconfigured to suit changing spaces.
  • Lightweight but tough polyethylene base moulding, in multiple finish options, including bright colours.
  • Height adjustable feet to accommodate variable site levels.
  • Freestanding or bolt-down installation.
  • Grooved feature lines on base moulding and seating surfaces to aid alignment of adjacent modules.
  • Through-colours mean scuffs will not expose any base material colour.
  • Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) moulding is fully recyclable.
  • Can be freestanding in secure environments.
  • Supplied with brackets for optional bolt-down surface fixing.


External use, suitable for large open paved spaces.

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Standard product features


  • Linear low density polyethylene base moulding in mottled dark grey.
  • Iroko laminated seating platform - smooth planed with UV protective teak finish.

Size (l x w x h):

1160 x 875 x 480 mm.


55 kg.


Colour/ Finish:

Base moulding:

  • 1000 white.
  • 2704 yellow.
  • 3601 orange.
  • 4515 pink.
  • 4518 red.
  • 5417 purple.
  • 5748 dark blue.
  • 6136 light green.
  • 6137 dark green.
  • 7275 light grey.
  • 7276 dark grey.
  • Black.
  • Mottled 9206.
  • Mottled 9207.
  • Mottled 9230.
  • Mottled 9232.
  • Mottled dark grey 9210 – Standard.

NBS Specification

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45-35-86/321 Benches

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Uniun® Seating


Reverse seating module with longitudinal feature lines.
Reverse seating module with transverse feature lines.
Seating module with longitudinal feature lines.
Seating module with transverse feature lines.
 - Colour/ Finish:
[ ______ ]
 - Base moulding:
[ ______ ]
 - Seating platform:


[Bolt-down surface fixing]

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