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Mipolam Esprit is a densely compacted, homogeneous, anti-static and recyclable vinyl sheet floor covering with a non directional multi-tonal design incorporating coloured chips which are dyed prior to being added to the raw mixture to ensure even colour throughout its thickness.

It is surface treated with PUR Protect® to provide a low maintenance product with excellent cleaning characteristics that does not require the application of acrylic polishes. Treated sheeting provides excellent resistance to chemicals and alcohol potentially making it suitable for use in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Features and benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial and fungicidal.
  • Suitable for heavy duty traffic areas.
  • BRE ‘A’ rated Green Guide product.

Standard product features


2.0 m.


20 m.


2 mm.


2780 g/m².

Binder content (to ISO 10581):

Type I

BS EN 685 level of use class:

34–43 – Commercial, very heavy – Light industrial, heavy.

Slip resistance class to DIN 51130 (ramp test) – wet with oil:

The scale runs from R9 to R13, where R9 is the most slippery and R13 the least slippery.

BS EN 1815 static electricity electrical propensity:

<2 kV.

BS EN 12524 thermal conductivity:

0.25 W/m·K.

NBS Specification

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45-20-70/335 PVC sheet

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Mipolam Esprit - Sheet


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