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A multi-layered textile backed vinyl floor covering consisting of a slip resistant (R10) coated 0.3 mm wear layer bonded to a glass fibre mesh anti-mildew bonding layer onto a polyester textile backing.


  • Quick and easy to fit over most existing smooth floor coverings.
  • Patented Gerflor Fibre Technology (GFT) backing.
  • Warm and comfortable underfoot.
  • Waterproof from above and below for extra hygiene.
  • Tough interlayer that resists stretching and warping.
  • Slip resistant surface, even when wet.
  • Easy to clean pureclean PU surface that doesn’t trap dirt.
  • Sound insulating for a quieter home.
  • Durable 0.3 mm wear-layer.
  • 16 dB sound insulation.

Standard product features


2.9 mm.

Abrasion resistance (to BS EN 660/1):

Class T.

Classification to BS EN 685:

Class 23/31.


2170 g/m².



- Healthy and sustainable materials:

  • No heavy metals, no solvents, no formaldehyde.
  • 100% REACH compliant.

- Indoor Air Quality:

  • TVOC (Volatile Organic Compound) < 10 µg/m³ for homogeneous ranges and <100 µg/m³ for all other products.
  • Floorscore, AgBB and M1 compliant.

- Recycling:

  • 100% recyclable materials.
  • Post-consumer waste recycling: Gerflor Second Life Program.

- Footprint:

  • Eco-designed products based on LCA (EPD and FDES available)/ LCCA (better surface treatment for less cleaning).
  • LEED, HQE, BREEAM building schemes contribution.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-20-70/365 PVC sheet with particle based enhanced slip resistance – for special wet areas

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Texline - Sheet


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