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A densely compacted homogeneous floor covering that is suitable for use in ISO 4 and GMP Class-A cleanrooms. It is resistant to heavy traffic and has outstanding resistance to chemicals. It is 100% recyclable, comprising polymers, non-evaporating plasticizers, stabilizers, mineral and colour fast pigments.The flooring meets EN ISO 10581 with a Type I rating.

Installation should be carried out in accordance with BS 8203-2001, subfloor to be smooth, hard, clean and dry prior to laying, where applicable the subfloor must incorporate a damp proof membrane. Gerflor Ltd. recommends the use of Gerfix E120 Adhesive. All seams must be hot welded using Gerflor matching weld rod.

Standard product features


608 x 608 mm – 500 m² quantity minimum order, consult manufacturer.


2 mm.


  • Particulate emission: ISO 4.
  • Cleanability class: 100.
  • Micro-organism adhesion: A-C.

NBS Specification

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45-20-70/430 PVC tiles

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Mipolam Biocontrol - Tile


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