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Owing to AGC’s policy of ongoing research, processors and architects now have access to pyrolytic and magnetron LOW–E glasses that can be toughened, curved and screen-printed. These advances mean that processors can offer their clients an enhanced service, faster turnaround and shorter replacement times. They also open up interesting avenues for architects and façade designers. All of these glasses offer a neutral appearance and a high light transmission rating. The metal oxide particles in the coating reinforce the insulating properties of the glass, thus improving the building’s energy balance.

Planibel A:

A revolutionary new hard coating that meets the highest glass performance expectations for Window Energy Ratings (WERs) without the need for edge deletion. Once assembled in double glazing, it provides:

  • A high solar factor, which maximizes the free solar heat gain (SF: 78% with external sheet Planibel Clearvision).
  • A low U-value that can be further improved by the use of gas filling (argon) and/ or the use of a Warm Edge spacer.

Planibel G and Planibel G fast:

Both glasses are highly rated for their ease of processing. They are easy to toughen and the coating does not need to be edge-stripped. G fast can be toughened with the coating against the rollers, thus improving cycle times by around 15% and enabling the use of all types of furnace (even radiation models). In addition, its scratch-resistant nature actually improves the toughening performance. Planibel G and Planibel G fast both offer very good light transmission and the highest solar gain in its class (SF = 72%). Lastly, both products can be used in single or double glazing.


The newest arrival in the Planibel LOW–E range, TOP N+ is a leading-edge glass. With a neutral appearance, it offers a high light transmission level and an appreciable solar heat gain. Planibel Top N+ guarantees the best thermal insulation rating in its class, with a value of 1.1 W/m²K in an insulating glass unit with 90% argon. Its toughenable version, PLANIBEL TOP N+t, is similar in performance and appearance to PLANIBEL TOP N+. Both products are available on Clearvision for better neutrality and increased free solar heat gain. The TOP N+t coat slightly changes its colour after toughening but matches the aesthetics of the existing Top N+.

Planibel EnergyN and EnergyNt:

This leading-edge product in the LOW‑E range combines thermal insulation with enhanced solar protection. Energy N is a ‘smart glass’, reflecting the sun’s heat and insulating against the cold. In addition to a thermal insulation rating of 1.1 (90% argon), it offers the lowest solar factor in its class (SF = 42%). This innovative glass helps enhance quality of life in both summer and winter, while protecting the environment and reducing energy bills. Energy N is totally neutral, as is its toughenable version, Energy Nt. Both products offer an ideal solution for architects and designers, who can combine them as required. In addition, Energy Nt can be bent and screen-printed (under certain conditions).


Consult manufacturer's literature for full performance details of all products.


Thermal insulation:

  • Planibel A: U-value =1.4 W/m²K, solar factor = 78%.
  • Planibel EnergyN and Nt: U-value = 1.1 W/m²K, solar factor = 42%.
  • Planibel G and G fast: U-value = 1.5 W/m²K, solar factor = 72%.
  • Planibel TopN+ and N+t: U-value = 1.1 W/m²K, solar factor = 61%.

NBS Specification

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45-65-40/310 Annealed glass
45-65-40/335 Thermally toughened glass

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