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The 50 mm Sleeved Handrail System is a modular, cast steel, component system. It is ideal for use in environments where pedestrian areas and walkways are adjacent to vehicle routes e.g. car parks, service areas and loading bays. It can be used to define pedestrian walkways and channel foot traffic away from vehicle routes.

Yellow rail sleeves provide greater visual contrast for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, helping to further segregate one from the other. The sleeves also help to provide additional handrail grip; it is comfortable to use and provides a smooth hand transition in line with the guidelines in Building Regulations 2010 Approved Documents K and M and BS 8300-2:2018.

The system includes top rails, mid rails and upright posts that are supplied pre-assembled as mid, end and corner posts. The 42 mm Galvanized Handrail System can be specified as a sleeveless alternative.

Standard product features


Galvanized steel rails and polymer sleeves.

Handrail diameter:

50 mm.


Mechanical (screw fix).


Rail sets:

Includes two rails, available in a range of standard and customized lengths.


Pre-assembled upright, 1100 mm high.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
25-25-60/135 Metal modular barrier system
45-70-70/475 Carbon steel handrails

Product specification

An important note about specifying





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Product reference

50 mm Sleeved Handrail System

Rail sets

1000 mm long.
1600 mm long.
3200 mm long.
Insert length requirements. Bespoke: 1600–3200 mm.
Insert length requirements. Bespoke: 400–1599 mm.


Corner post.
End post.
Middle post.

Manufacturer details

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Park Green,
Cheshire, SK11 7LZ
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