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Expona Commercial Stone & Abstract PUR is a range of 2.5 mm thick vinyl tiles featuring authentic stone, metallic and abstract designs with a polyurethane reinforcement, designed for various applications up to heavy commercial including airports, multi-purpose halls, counter halls and department stores. They conform to a wide range of international standards. Available in a range consisting of 28 different colours and styles.

Standard product features


Heterogeneous vinyl.


2.5 mm.



Light Contour, Dark Contour, Warm Grey Concrete, Light Grey Concrete, Cool Grey Concrete, Dark Grey Concrete, Black Textile, Painted Cement, Raw Cement, India Ink Slate, Urban Slate, Dovestail Slate, Amazonian Slate, Alabaster Stone, Porta Stone, Fossil Stone, Clay Mosaic, Arctic Mosaic, Granite Mosaic, Distressed Gold Plate, Distressed Copper Plate, Rusted Metal, Bister, Industrial Steel, Iron Ore, Frosted Marble, Crystal Parchment, Liquorice Parchment.

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45-20-70/430 PVC tiles

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Expona Commercial - Stone and Abstract PUR


[152.4 x 609.6 / 304.8 x 304.8 / 304.8 x 609.6 mm]
[203.2 x 1524 mm]
[304.8 x 914.4 mm]
[457.2 x 914.4mm]
[609.6 x 609.6 mm]


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Radcliffe New Road,
Manchester, M45 7NR
Tel +44 (0)161 767 1122
Fax +44 (0)161 767 1128
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